Random lighting

Is there an app for HE that can turn on / off lights randomly to make it look like someones home? Thanks

I have one in webcore that works very well.

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Maybe Vacation Lighting Director, available in Hubitat Package Manager? I haven't used it, but @nh.schottfam has some pretty good apps in general.

If you haven't tried HPM yet, you should. It makes discovering and installing apps much easier. T


Thank you

Hi, there is also - [RELEASE] At Home Simulator

I Haven't used any of them, I wrote my own using RM. I might try one of these though

Thanks, I'll check this out.

Just to give you ideas, here's my RM rule that I use to turn on my downstairs hall and loo light to look like someone is home when we are away.
I have different ones for different rooms.

BTW. Spot the mistake that I've just noticed. You can tell we haven't been away for some time. :grinning:

Vacation Lighting Director requires the use of modes. I do not use modes and cannot use that package.