RadioRa2 - Option to set LEDs on Keypad Buttons

Wanted to see if it might be possible to add the ability to toggle the LED indicators on/off for Lutron RR2 keypads. It would be great to be able to assign these unused buttons to other devices in Hubitat and use the LED indicator for status.

I can successfully perform this through telnet commands on the main repeater.

Here are some examples:

Set Device 33, LED indicator for button 1.

From Lutron Integration Guide:
LED Button 1 = 81
LED Button 2 = 82
LED Button 3 = 83
LED Button 4 = 84
LED Button 5 = 85
LED Button 6 = 86
LED Button 7 = 87

Get Device 33, LED Indicator Status for button 1

Thank you for your consideration!


Just trying to follow along, what's the "9" indicate?

9 is the action number for LED state.

From Lutron's integration guide, the example would be:
Execute: #DEVICE, Integration ID, Component Number, Action Number, Parameters

Turn on LED 5: #DEVICE,2,85,9,1

@bravenel Thank you so much for making this feature available in 2.1.9! It's working well!


Agreed I love it! Thanks