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Just got this email from Radio Thermostat... Figured I'd post it here for anyone that might be interested. I have used both the WiFi and Z-Wave USNAP modules on my CT50 with both the generic z-wave thermostat driver and the WiFi driver here...

On May 15, 2023, the Radio Thermostat mobile app is being discontinued and you will no longer be able to control your thermostat with internet connected devices. You will be able to control your thermostat manually as long as it’s still powered. If you need help understanding how to use your thermostat manually you can find the user guides to the most popular Radio Thermostat models below.

** CT50*
** CT80*
** 3M50*
** CT30*

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Thank you,

Radio Thermostat Team

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Thanks, I received the email - was pretty bummed since I've used the WiFi version for 10+ years and like the speed & simplicity of their app.

Starting to look at alternatives that are native Z-Wave. Main criteria is that it have its own app - remote (off site) control through Hubitat is required since I travel a lot. Any recommendations?

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Ct101 zwave will still work.thankfully..i have 5 in place.

It's especially annoying because the ct50 and ct101 use a near-identical api.

total money grab from EnergyHub-- nothing to do with them saving money in infrastructure nor operations.

I don't think anything z-wave or zigbee will have it's own app. Easy enough to build into your dashboard though. I would recommend the Honeywell T6 Pro z-wave

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I suspect these will still be controllable from the Hubitat, as they surely aren't going to be disabling the local http api endpoints. Hubitat talks directly to the thermostat over local api calls. They're surely just discontinuing their app and the associated remote (cloud) access.

I'm still looking for alternatives.

My one preferred alternative is the Sinope zigbee, since it's cheap and beautiful, fully local, and I've several of these already for my in-floor heating. But, it doesn't have fan control. For temperature history graphing and remote scheduling changes, I'd have to look for some third-party app and/or subscribe to the hubitat remote admin. If I'm right and the Radio Thermostat still works through local wifi API calls, the Sinope isn't much of an advantage, aside from it's sleek beauty, and if you prefer Zigbee to local http control.

My other preferred alternative is the Ecobee 3 Lite, which would do everything I want and more. I already have an Ecobee in another location, and it's been wonderful.

Thanks. Amazon reviews of the T6 Pro aren't very positive - your experience is better?

"They're surely just discontinuing their app and the associated remote (cloud) access."

Yep, but the app is great and that's why I bought them so many years ago. I have two houses and travel often, so a solid, dependable app is preferred over Hubitat integration.

Yes, I agree... Not much should change using the WiFi driver... The problem will be if you have to change anything WiFi... Meaning, if you change your access point at all... I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure you have to use the app and your account to setup the device on WiFi... It's been so long since I did it, I don't remember exactly, but it was kinda complicated...

Yeah, this is my fallback also... The Z-Wave control via Hubitat has just never been that solid for me and I find myself reverting back to the app for simple and quick commands to get the thermostats doing what I want them to do... I love my Hubitat and everything else in the house is controlled through it... Just my thermostats have never been that reliable via Z-Wave.

My CT-50's can have two radios in each unit so I actually have both the Z-Wave and WiFi active... Just yesterday I tried changing the modes from cooling to heat with the Hubitat and for whatever reason, it just wasn't working... I was able to bring up the WiFi app and made the changes instantly... They were then reflected on the Z-Wave side... I personally think the USNAP Z-Wave modules just aren't very good...

A lot of us here use the T6 Pro. It's actually a fantastic unit. Most of the bad reviews I've seen are people expecting it to do something it doesn't do or not knowing how to make it do it. For example. A lot of people don't understand how to have it set an AUTO mode. They end up claiming it doesn't have that. If they had just read the manual, there is a setting that turns on auto (ISU 300). Or they bought the z-wave one thinking it was wifi or vice versa. I also like the CT101 but that isn't made anymore...

Available attributes...

Has anyone found another wifi thermostat replacement with:

  • adjustable swing setting
  • runtime usage summaries

I’ve had mine for 10+ years and those two features are most important! I want to know how many hours it ran today.
I want to adjust it to a 1.5 or 2 degree temp swing.

You could probably build a rule that inputs the runtime to a variable that resets every day then simply output that to a tile.

Thanks for all the great info. MY electric provider ran a half-price sale on Ecobee thermostats, so I ordered 2 of the Enhanced models. I have one running & integrated with Hubitat - seems to be more or less what I need.

I avoid ecobee myself as they're cloud based. Though others like them.

So I just added Z-Wave Plus USNAP module to my 3m50 (CT50 basically). I can change modes, I can control fan, I see correct room temperature reports in hubitat. However, set points are reported as 87 (seems to be a constant, though I thought I saw 89 at one point) regardless of what is what is set on thermostat. Setting ANY set point from Hubitat sets to 65 on the thermostat. I've tried multiple drivers:
Generic Zwave
Generic Zwave Plus
Radio Thermostat CT101
Custom driver

I don't understand, as I see multiple reports of people just using the generic driver successfully.

After changing drivers are you hitting save then configure?

Yes, although some of the bit installed by a custom driver remain. I don't know why.

change driver to device. Click save, delete everything (states and what not) switch back to other driver, click save then configure.

What do you mean by "delete everything(states and what not)" ?

This is the part of the custom driver that doesn't go away.

BTW, I need to make a correction - changing the setpoint on the thermostat itself results in correct (immediate) report in Hubitat. Changing set point from Hubitat (any number from 65 to 75) results in actual setpoint of 65, but Hubitat reports 87.

switch the device driver to DEVICE and click save

Then click delete all child devices, delete all current states, delete all schedule jobs and delete all states

After you are done, switch back to the other driver and click save, then click configure.

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