RA2 (full) Questions

I am fairly new to RA2 (full) and HE. I had 2 quick questions.

  1. Can you control the LED light on a keypad via HE (make it turn and stay on while a non RA2 device is on)?

  2. Can you use/program a RA2 "dumb switch" (switch with no load, but when clicked does an action programed in HE RM)? Not using a PICO or Keypad, just a switch (wife wants them all to look the same). I can use Phantom buttons to control RA2 devices via HE but see no way to program the other way on a switch as they do not appear on the integration sheet, or programmable via RA2 software).

2.b - If not do they make a flat Z-wave (or Zigbee) switch that resembles Lutron RA2 switch?

  1. I haven't found a way to turn the LED lights on/off from HE. I created a post under feature requests requesting this since it would also be very helpful for me to use those extra keypad keys for non-Lutron devices.

  2. I have one of the RR2 switches (RRD-8ANS) in my system that is controlling an on/off load, it's setup in HE under integrations as s,10,switch and you can control on/off of it from HE and also use it in rule machine.

Not currently. As stated above, the request has been made. I thought that the HE team was working on additional button LED functionality, but it has not yet materialized. @bravenel may have some comment on it.

If I'm reading your question correctly, you are looking for something equivalent to a 1 button Pico? If so, then not easily. I'd personally go for a 2 button Pico. Not quite as consistent of look as a Maestro toggle, but easy and not too expensive. I've not done it, but you might be able to install a "dumb" Maestro switch with a Qubino Relay with Dry Contact Switch. Not sure if that would work or not.

@Cal How did you get an integration ID for that switch? When I print out my integration report it only shows keypads and Picos, none of the RRD-8ANS switches or RRD-PRO dimmers.

This is certainly needed. It is great to see if someone left a light on (or door unlock maybe) with a quick look.

Interesting approach, so the logic would be when dry contact switch is "on" do xyz. I think that might work. Long way to go for her look, but ... wives.

On my integration report, they appear under the heading "Zone Room, Zone Name, ID", it's easy to miss them.

The other thing you can do is telnet into the main repeater, and then press the switch. The output of the repeater will tell you what the device ID is of the button you just pressed. It should show up as ?Device,ID, in the output

@Cal That was what i missed, thank you!! :bowing_man: That's means I can use a RR2 switch as a "load-less" trigger. Awesome sauce.

Now if @bravenel has any updates on LED control we would have a truly "integrated" system. I have faith in the community, just hope there are enough RR2 users out there to make it a higher priority.

Remind me what it is that you want.

The Lutron Radio RA2 Keypads have an LED next to each button. We would love to have control of that LED (currently it gives status only). That way the LED could be off/on when a HE device is off/on. Currently it can turn the device on/off but LED stays off unless controlling a RR2 device.

Ex. - Smart Outlet on/off when Keypad button 4 is pushed - Keypad LED 4 on/off when Smart Outlet is on/off


Here are some additional details from the feature request.

This was partially implemented before, but the driver was not updated. This feature will be in the next release. Rule Machine will be able to turn the leds on/off with Custom Action.