Quiet momentary switches?

UK - i've read lots and bought samples of various switches (dumb and smart).

Do quieter momentary switches even exist? MK - no. Schneider - no. I've never been conscious of how loud a switch click can really be pre-smart, but now it just doesn't feel right. Not the end of the world as remotes exist (remotec) but still.

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Iโ€™m glad Iโ€™m not the only one who noticed this.
This is one reason why I stook with toggle switches with my modules

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I see. I just can't get used to the dimming action with a normal toggle switch.
Doesn't feel logical, captain.

I've set mine so it's all set levels for different modes at certain times of the day so usually I don't have to dim manually.
But I do know what you mean wish I could find a quiet switch I've never tried the click scolmore switches.

I use the MK Logic retractive grid switches - they're not too bad.

I've no idea what my next door neighbours use but the noise is unbearable through the wall (semi detached). I'm guessing they also have a smart home setup as there's never just a single on or off, it's always a series of 6 or 7 activations. They must have had all of their switches installed in the dividing wall, as it's so loud I can here it even when we're watching a film and I'm regularly disturbed as they go to bed later. If I could afford it, I'd move....

You would think that manufacturers would design them quietly as a priority.

I get it. We're doing a reno now and the party wall is being sound proofed for those sort of scenarios (when the elderly couple next door 'move on' and a more tech savvy group moves in).

I need to try the Scolmore ones. Looks like we will go with one physical smart switch/dimmer for the 'main' lights in any given room, along with a removable smart panel (quadmote or the new vesternet ones coming soon) for scenes.

Using Jung Momentary switches (jung 531EU) myself. They are really quiet. Use some Jung toggle switches as well and in comparison they sound like someone stamps a train ticket when you press them.

In the UK? They wouldn't fit a standard UK backbox would they?

One thing I've done here in the US is use switches that have a "smart bulb" setting, meaning it disables the internal relay leaving the power on but still triggers events via button presses. You could then use a smart bulb which does not make such a noise.. I do not know what is available like this in the UK though but thought I'd mention the idea anyway.

I think they do. This is the UK version if I'm nog mistaking:

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Ahh ok - I always assumed those with the four keyhole slots for fixings would have a different spacing than that for our square boxes.

From what I can see they have both. The keyhole slots and 1 on every corner UK style.
I have jung LS990 aluminium frames, outlets and rockers. Got to admit Jung is a little expensive. The upside is that every time I press a wall switch or use a wall outlet I feel a little special ROFL.

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Hmm, look nice! Site called 'swtch' that does them from ยฃ19

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I use Click GridPro switches. They're modular, so you choose your switches & facias (chrome, brass, bronze, white etc...) separately. They've replaced every wall switch in the house & I've been really happy with them. Cheapest place I found in the UK is linked below.
GridPro momentary switch modules.
GridPro - all modules and face plates.

Because they're modular you can mix and match. Most of mine are just momentary (retractive) switches with a couple of exceptions that are only do-able with the modular system.

  • The feed to my shed is a 4-gang facia. One momentary module for the smart switched garden lights and a double pole switch module for the (dumb) shed sockets. In the interest of electrical safety/isolation the other 2 modules are fuse holders. One 3 amp for the lights circuit and a 13 amp for the shed sockets.

  • Kitchen & porch 2-gang wall switch: Kitchen lights smart switch on a momentary module. Porch lights are on a remotely located smart relay. To prevent anyone turning them off at the switch I used a keyswitch module meaning they can still be isolated with the key if necessary.

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Couple years on... @ChrisPowys are they "quiet" though? For example @bulk likened his ones to stamping a train ticket. How would you describe the GridPros ? thanks

(PS. i have the Retrotouch simplicity ones everywhere. They look great, but still far too clicky and getting on my nerves - https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00VTSE17A/ref=pe_27063361_487055811_TE_3p_dp_1)

Look for Zigbee dimmer modules, these are the only ones that are completely silent ( they use solid-state triacs instead of relays).

I think the noise weโ€™re referring to is the noise of the switch itself. This is when manual retractive switches are wired to a Z Wave or Zigbee module located in the box behind the switch. For example I use Fibaro Dimmer 2 modules behind MK momentary/retractive switches.

Iโ€™m bemused that the manufacturers of UK switches make them so noisy. Weโ€™re driven nuts by noise from our neighbours whoโ€™ve mounted their switches on the party wall.

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