Question on drivers

{Currently running Vera with about 40 devices. Went through the wiki, supported devices and the forum to check compatibility.}

Looking at switching from Vera and need drivers for the following devices:
GoControl GC-TBZ48L Battery Powered Smart Thermostat {Works}
Intermatic HA05C Screw In Module {Works see below, basement has a 3 way and 3 pull chain lights. Z wave 3 way and the three screw in modules works well }
Leviton VRCZ4-MR 4 Zone controller with Switch {no joy}
NewTone NFS20Z 20A Load Control
Zooz ZEN27 3 way Switch (ST modified driver don't know if it works) {works}
Too big an investment and the device are serving important rolls in my HA.

I really like the Leviton's, having the zone controls at a switch is nice.


Oct 2019 bought a Hubitat elevation!
Just getting started but able to get the Intermatic HA05C Screw In Modules paired.
Added as a Generic Z-Wave Switch.

I can vouch for the GoControl GC-TBZ48 Thermostat. I have one and it works great. I don't know about the other devices.

I would recommend checking Hubitat's official List of Supported Devices, and the Compatible Devices Wiki thread.

Thanks for the info on the thermostat.

Did look at the List of Supported Devices and Wiki, then searched the forum. They are all not supported.

I'm looking someone like razorwing to say they got them to work (or not).

No luck with the 'Intermatic HA05C Screw In Module' for me so far. I couldn't get the Zwave scan to pick it up. I think this is the one I have and once again no joy for me. I may have been doing something wrong with this one not sure.

The Zen 27 works. Just use the generic zwave dimmer driver.

It's a bit talkative, and zooz is reportedly updating its firmware to be less chatty. Once that's done, I expect we may see a device driver for it on Hubitat.

I second the Zooz stuff. I've had great luck with every Zooz device I've tried. I had even emailed their support folks a couple times prior to my trying Hubitat (I took a brief detour down OpenHAB and Home Assistant routes... yuck) and they really did go above and beyond to try and help me.

Somewhat ironically... They are ultimately who sold me on Hubitat because I had asked the support folks if they'd heard of it and their response was a very positive "Yeah and we test all of our devices on Hubitat." So that was one of the things that made me decide to go ahead spend the $130 on my first HE Hub.


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Welcome. Another thing you might want to look at for the thermostat is the App "Thermostat Scheduler". It makes it very easy to schedule times and temps. Works great with this thermostat.

I don't know about the zone controller but support for the scene controller is coming.

I sort of forgot about the zone controller. Maybe @mike.maxwell has plans for that as well. I don't know how similar they are.

Thanks all. I'll update the OP as reply's come in.
Don't know why I bought the Leviton zone version. In Vera it can trigger 6 sense's as well as the load at the device.

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Are you using the generic zwave thermostat driver, or a custom one?

I ask because I'm almost done with a custom one that exposes all configurable parameters. Should be done next week.

Yes I am using the generic driver. Would be great to be able to control all areas of the thermostat. Looking forward to the new one.

I'll get my GoControl thermostat tomorrow, and then can finish it.

Should work as it is right now, but I haven't tested it on a real device yet to work out the kinks. There are a ton of parameters on this thing, so plenty of code to have mistakes in. :smile:

I'm having to go back and replace my Remotec ZTS-500 thermostats, as they do not have a minimum run time or minimum off time and are cycling my HVAC way too often/too fast.

Paired the Intermatic HA05C Screw In Module, see first post.

Hi @matt1,

I've just completed porting my App and Driver for the Leviton VRCZ4-M04 Zone Controller from SmartThings to Hubitat Elevation. I'll probably do some additional tweaking, but you should find the current versions fully functional -- have a try and let me know?

See my posting to App and driver porting to Hubitat - Wiki - Hubitat...

Thanks, I don't have time right now to play with my setup, but will try to get it working next week and get you feedback.
Thanks for doing the driver, I have two of the zone controllers and find the 4 switches very useful in my old Vera setup.