Question about Zwave health check

Am I correct that it is much more telling to look at the tables instead of logs for Zwave signal strength? I'm seeing great improvement in ZigBee after adding external antenna but that's in logs only.

I would install the z-wave mesh details app. It takes the data in the tables and presents it in a much more user friendly way.

Assuming you have a C7 hub anyway. If it's a lower revision there is not an easy way to see this information.


I too use the z-wave mesh details app that @waterboysh recommends. But the zwave details page is my go-to for issues.


Damn I forgot I actually already have that! Basically if it's not good it's in yellow or red right?

Maybe? What specifically are you talking about? I have a lot of numbers that are red and "bad" but everything seems to function fine so I don't worry about it.