Question about RM Cancel Wait

Rule Machine is an advanced tool. If you want to use it, you will need to read the docs to figure out how it works. It is not programming per se, but it does require you to think a bit like a programmer.

I'd suggest SAR or Basic Rules, as mentioned above. Basic Rules is new and was created to address what sounds like one of your concerns. There are also a lot of community apps, and perhaps one of them can do what you want (though I'm still not sure what that is). Any built-in app--and most user-created apps--are going to be much easier than Rule Machine.

(Also, none of us are staff--just community members trying to help.)


The good thing is there's a clear and simple path out of plebedom, thanks to the extensive documentation provided by the Hubitat staff. Though I don't think anyone here has yet ascended to the title of mathematician.


I actually like RM. I'm new to hubitat and went straight to it and so far I really haven't used anything else. I will say, the interface could be cleaned up some tho. For example, it allows you to create conditions that are not used if you don't choose Conditional Action vs Action. This was confusing at first.

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Been there, done that. When I first attempted to use RM it made little or no sense to me but I decided I would check with the people here before I pitched it out with the trash. Once the folks here got me on the right track (or RM way of thinking) I quickly changed my mind. Today, I cant live without. I still hit the wall from time to time but help is pretty easy to find here.

Don't give up. It's worth the effort needed to learn it.


Much better but more expensive option then is Homey or similar hub. Easy to understand, simple UI but with some limitations in case of more complex rules.
However, once you learn how to use RM, you will find out that options are limitless and very transparent if you know how to use logical flow within rules. Been with Fibaro, Vera, Homey, Home Assistant and HE is so far the best fit for me.

There are some other options out there besides the ones already mentioned.
Personally I use RM now I've got my head round it but I still need to use webCoRE for around 10 rules that I cannot do cleanly on RM. webCoRE let's me do these rules easier.
There is also Event Engine written by @bptworld.
A lot of people are using it and find it easier to use. There are numerous choices out there.
Perhaps give them a try and then use the one that suits you best.

So if I am reading this right, your rule says once a condition is reached, greater than 91% RH to wait until a given condition, RH is less than 93% RH. My question is what on earth for? What are you trying to accomplish?

Why not a conditional if / then statement. something along the lines of

IF bahtroom humidity > 91% AND bathroom hunidity < 93% THEN do a thing else whatever else you want?

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Hubitat censorship is working

No idea what you are going on about, as I have no idea what was/was not censored.

But who ever said a private forum had any guarantee of freedom of speech or freedom of censorship? In fact the terms of use say quite the opposite.

Anyway, have a great day.


Private forum ?? No freedom of speech ??? WTF

Yes. Which part don't you understand/agree with? This is forum run by a private company, freedom of speech protections are against government interference - which doesn't apply in any privately owned (unregulated) forum - and not just Hubitat's, that is true of pretty much any online forum.

You're the one that said:

My comment was in reference to that. If I misunderstood your vague post, I apologize in advance.

Oh, and I'll also point out that just like on any other forum, non-Hubitat admin/trusted members can edit post titles, too. So don't assume it was a Hubitat employee that changed it. Kind of like I just fixed your title to make it more accurate (although I was not the one that edited it any previous time it may have been edited). :slight_smile:


Than who takes the liberty to change what i wrote?

I don't know who changed the title before, and I don't know of a way for a non-admin to check that. For my part, I don't think I have ever changed a title without telling the author.

I am the one that just changed it removing "Hubitat" though, as you don't know that's who changed the title in the past.

To my knowledge no one other than an admin can change the actual content of a POST though (if even they can - I've never actually seen it done on a discourse forum). That is different than titles that multiple levels can edit. I believe multiple account levels can move a post from one area to another as well.

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Its not that simple

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Now that all of the hullabaloo over the title has gone its course, might I suggest it be changed, one more time, to something meaningful for searching... or we can just leave it alone, and you’ll probably miss your target audience. Just a thought


There are infinite ways of doing this, but what I would do for that rule in RM is something like this:

And here is how I would do it in a Simple Automation Rule:

And here is how I would do it in a Basic Rule (this one shows different % trigger points, but you get the idea):

Other than the trigger points being different in the Basic Rule example, they all do the exact same thing. Good luck, hope that helps!


My recollection is that anyone who has the Trust Level of "Regular" and higher can edit a post title. There are currently 162 community members with that trust level.

It definitely doesn't have to be a Hubitat staff member.

Also, you can edit it back to whatever it was before.


hey @bertabcd1234, I know this comment is from a long time ago, but this is the perfect place to ask a clarifying question. When people say waits are cancelled on retriggers (which I've heard a bunch), does that mean:
A. the waiting ends in the first rule instance and processing continues from there in that instance, simultaneous to the second instance triggering from the top?
B. the rule exits and the second instance triggers from the top?


When we say, "the wait ends", it's a big ambiguous to me.


Although it's more the "scheduled job" is cancelled and so the rule is excited. The new rule starts again (there is only one instance at a time).


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