Question about Pushover device

I've successfully installed the Pushover device and sent text messages via Notifications to my iPhone.

Now I'd like to set the Priority and/or Sound values for different Notifications. Is this possible with the current device implementation?

Yes.. bracket prefixes in the message

[L] - Low
[N] - Normal
[H] - High
[E] - Emergency

E.g.. Message "[H]This is a test" will send "This is a test" with High Priority to your mobile app.

Set your specific sound for each in the app itself. LNH won't show up on Apple play screen on dash but E will.


Oh that's really simple, glad I asked :slight_smile:

Thanks for the assistance!

@rlithgow1 ... two quick follow-up questions... one, is there any documentation on how to set other options? If not, is there a way to set the Sound to use like the Priority?

Pushover app... Settings, scroll down to alert settings...

Manage Custom Sounds (upload your own)
Default Sound
Default High Priority Sounds

There is a Community Pushover driver, which may have a few more features vs the Hubitat built-in driver. My Pushover driver was the basis for the built-in driver a few years back. Community members have continued adding to it, and thus it has some additional features. You can swap between the built-in and community version without having to re-enter all of your settings. There is more documentation in this thread for all of the features.

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@ogiewon ... MUCH thanks for the link about the built-in and community driver. After reviewing the link, I have all of questions answered.

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This is all good info. I've used Pushover for a long time now, and it's been solid as a rock. Maybe now I'll delve into different sounds. Thanks again!

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On my Christmas Wish List is getting the community driver added to Hubitat Package Manager (so I can be lazy and get notified of updates automatically) :slight_smile:

You must be on Santa’s Naughty List! :joy::rofl:

FYI - None of my code is in HPM. I’ve never used HPM, nor do I intend to. I am personally not a fan of having custom code semi-automatically updated on mine or anyone else’s hub. Breaking changes need to be thought out and planned for.

I do see the value in HPM. And I think it is a very useful tool. But I am just not into it, personally.

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@ogiewon ... rut row, I need to get off the Naughty List :slight_smile:

I totally understand your position/decision. You never get what you want if you never ask :wink:

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