Query Multiple Device sate/config

I have ~150 devices. Im looking for an easy way to run a report or query to target a state or config key and see all the results at once.

For example, say I want to see the state "syncStatus" for every device. Is there a way to do this without clicking though every device one by one in the UI?

I know you can use Preference Manager to make sweeping changes, but im looking for something to do wide inspection.


You could use an app, including a Rule, to do this, but apps only have access to things under "Current States" on the device page (these are technically "attributes" and values, generated by events--all of which are things apps can look at). They cannot look at things under Preferences.

For syncStatus in particular, that is something many "sleepy" (battery-powered) Z-Wave drivers expose, as the configuration changes you apply in the UI won't be sent until the device wakes up next, usually once or twice a day by default. You can manually wake the device before then and the same should happen. Sometimes, "Logs" will tell you this information and even how to wake the device, though the manual should too. This is something you should only see under this circumstance; it should not spontaneously appear, so I'm not sure this is something you'd really need to monitor on a regular basis (you'd have to have been on the Device Detail page anyway...or, I suppose, Preference Manager).

Because checking multiple device states and getting information about each one individually is pretty cumbersome with a rule (you'd have to check one by one if you care; it's easy to just see if all, none, or some are in a particular state but nothing more granular without basically a conditional for each device), I wrote a custom app to do something similar for my use cases. Perhaps it may fit yours too: [RELEASE] Device Status Announcer (TTS or notification if lock unlocked, door/window open, etc.). If not, there's also an example of such a rule, which this app replaced for me, there. :slight_smile:

Could also look at [Release] Device Data Item Display to see if it will work for you - allows you to select multiple devices to report on the attributes and items under the data section of the drivers.