PVC Water Shutoff Valve Recommendations

Which water valve shut off devices are people using for PVC pipe shutoff valves? Most of the ones I see advertised are with using Copper line.

Is it CPVC for drinking water or PVC for sprinklers?

CPVC is for hot and/or cold water PVC is for cold water only.

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I'm not sure that's correct. I always understood that is was about the toxins that are in PVC pipe that don't exist in CPVC, but I will read up on that.


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Yep, just reading up on it now. I was misinformed so many years ago by that friendly looking chap in bright orange apron. I feel...violated :rofl:

HA!....Ya the new thing to go with now is Pex, but I don't plan on replacing everything just yet.

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I've never heard of a PVC shut off for potable water applications. Do they exist? Maybe just easiest to go with the adapters from PVC to copper. There are some relatively inexpensive valves from China, that claim to be for potable water. Not sure what the difference is. Do the non-potable versions have lead in them or something?

All of my house has PVC shutoffs as well as the community water source lines, it's a common thing in warmer states. https://www.homedepot.com/s/pvc%20valve?NCNI-5 <<<From your Orange Apron guy's website

Ah, OK. I'm slow tonight. I thought you meant automated.

Ya I'm looking for something like the Dome Water Shutoff Controller, but it looks like it only works with copper lines, didn't know if someone had it or something else they were using for PVC lines.

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Yeah, I've seen those when I lived in California, but that was '99 and I've only ever seen them use on sprinkler systems and pools. All the places I've lived in had either galvanized or copper. I do see Pex in new homes here. Never really thought about what a pain it is for someone that has to do the conversion for a copper valve to these newer systems.

With how high copper prices have gotten most all plumbing has been done (in Oklahoma) with PVC/CPVC for awhile now as it's significantly cheaper, and now most are switching to Pex because it's less like to freeze and bust which pvc will.

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I have something like this that I bought from China some years ago. I think it was $56 US or something like that. My Ebay purchase history doesn't go back that far apparently.

I never did put it into service. This is what I'm using.

The Waxman price is expensive, but the stand-alone valve that was sold as an IRIS shut-off valve is exactly the same. If you can find one of those, it's very good and has a battery backup which is quite an advantage over the Dome. But it's Zigbee, so if you're looking for Z-Wave then it's not going to meet your needs.

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Interesting, ya that thing is pricey.....I'm not particular on zigbee or zwave I have pretty solid meshes of both

I found the confrimation in an old email.

These are similar

I was going to use it with an Insteon IOLinc with it, which is basically a plugin relay that you can program the duration or keep it on all the time.

My local orange store had those on sale for $70 about 2 years ago. I wish I'd bought more than one. Super-reliable ever since I installed it for open/close operations. And hasn't fallen off the zigbee mesh since I installed a bunch of zigbee outlets (and Hubitat).

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Ya that still runs into the problem of getting the brass to attach to PVC without leaking under pressure.....that was the problem I see with the Fortrezz type shut off valves. PVC joints/valves are glued together not screwed in like a brass/galvanized.


Yep. That's a good motivator to get the pice as low as you can, since you're very like going to have to purchase those expensive copper to PVC transitions.

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It's too bad. When Lowe's was clearing out their stock and everyone was getting great deals, I saw someone got one for $17 or something like that. Absolutely nutty prices.

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Maybe it was this, at $40. Still, insanely cheap.