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I am fairly new to hubitat but am getting things set up. I have a flood sensor connected and am using pushover to send notification to phone. I can't seem to find the option for emergency priority only high, med, low. Other forums I seen said this was added in previous driver releases but I can't find it. Is there something I need to do different or is it not avaliable.

@user313 In the notification add [H] and in pushover setup designate which sound should be used when H is used..

As per @ogiewon
" Again, just wanted to thank @stephack, @mattw and @Jonovan.Boutte for their ideas and ingenuity!

Documentation of available prefix options thanks to @stephack :

  1. You can now set the default priority of your Pushover Notification in the preferences of the driver. With the Pushover app you can set up different notification sounds and visuals based on the priority of the message. You can create a separate virtual device for each priority level and route notifications accordingly...
  2. If you are like me and don't want to dig through a stack of virtual devices...you can now also add a prefix to the message you send that would override the default priority to one of your choosing.

[L] - Low
[N] - Normal
[H] - High

E.g.. Message "[H]This is a test" will send "This is a test" with High Priority to your mobile app.

[E] prefix is now used for emergency notifications and requires the following parameters
retry - how often to resend notification until it is acknowledged (in seconds with a minimum of 30 seconds)
expire - timeout for resending notifications if they are never acknowledged (in seconds with a maximum of 10800)

Note: The following features are not included in Hubitat’s built-in driver.

Recent Additions - September 23, 2020

Much thanks to @TMLeafs for the following 3 additions

  1. Added custom title in message by encasing it in ^^
  • example ^This is my title^
  1. Added choose sound from message by encasing it in ##
  • example #bike#
  1. Added Default title in preferences

An example message:

"[H]^My Title^ My Message #bike#"

The title & sound can go anywhere and in any order in the message except before priority if it used

And, per a request from @jpoeppelman1, I have added the ability to use HTML formatted messaging by adding [HTML] in the message, which can go anywhere and in any order in the message except before priority if it used.

An few example messages (remove the double quotes):

"[M][HTML]This is a <b>BOLD</b> example"
"[HTML]<a href="http://example.com/">word</a>"

Recent Addition - September 27, 2020

Much thanks to @s1godfrey for the following addition

  1. Added ability to send the Pushover Device Name in message by encasing it in **
  • example My-iPhone
  • or, simply adding "**" to the message will send to all Pushover Devices on the account.

An example message:

"[L]*My-iPhone* My Message" - sends only to "My-iPhone"
"[L]** My Broadcast Message" - sends to all registered Pushover devices on the account

Update 11/16/2021 - @tsaaek added ability to change the supplementary URL and URL-Title with prefix/suffiix combinations.

"Β§[http://example.com](http://example.com/)Β§ Β€ExampleΒ€"

See Pushover: API for more details around the html formatting."


If you'd like to use my more full featured driver, you can find it in this thread. You can simply add this custom driver to your hub, and then switch the Driver Type on your existing Pushover device to use my custom driver. This is only necessary if you want to use the extra features that @rlithgow1 mentioned above.

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My mistake. I thought the [H] etc was built into the existing native driver...

I am pretty sure [H] (High) is included in the built-in driver.