Pushover: Device Configuration - 1->Many ...?


I've created two pushover devices within my pushover.net account:

  1. Phone
  2. Tablet

From there I setup the Virtual Device in Hubitat with the appropriate driver. It looks to me I cannot put BOTH my Phone and Tablet into one Virtual Device within Hubitat. When I try it, it doesn't work. Is this the case?

Is the only workaround to create two, separate Virtual Devices in Hubitat to make this work?

I was hoping to have 1 device -> broadcast to multiple for a cleaner setup. Any advice appreciated, thanks...

As far as I know, if you want to send a notification to more than one device, the only option is to send to all devices.

I have mine setup to send to all my devices all the time, but one device per priority level.

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I wrote an app/driver combo to "group" presence devices if that is of interest for your use case. No formal thread talking about it here, but most of the information you should need is in this post:


Thanks, I'll check it out!

In the device name preference you can only select 1 device. But if you don't choose one it will send to all pushover devices. I have 3 virtual pushover devices for my phone, tablet, and one with nothing set that sends to all.