Global Notification Device Variable?

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I added a new Cell Phone today and realized the immense pain of adding it as a notification device to all my notifying rules. Is there a way to set a global variable for this?

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Unfortunately, no, there is not. You cannot take actions on a global variable. What some people have done is instead using a global variable to contain the notification text and then setting up a separate rule that is called for all of your notifications from RM. That way you only have one rule to edit. But that won't help with everything in other apps. Hopefully you shouldn't have to do it very often. Sorry i didn't have better news.

That would be a great "Follow Me" enhancement :slight_smile:

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Try this Notification Proxy app and driver combo I wrote to address this need for myself.

You can create a virtual device using the proxy driver, then you can use that virtual device in all of your rules/apps instead of the real ones. The Notification Proxy app allows you to assign "real" devices to that virtual device and switch them out at will. (You can also create multiple virtual devices for different needs--I have one that only does my mobile devices and one that does those plus my tablets.)

You can comment out the Capability: "Presence Sensor" line in the driver if you don't want to use it for presence. I don't think I've ever actually used it in that way, but I added this because at the time it made it easier to work with HubConnect, which I think has since added a driver that can handle something similar.


Cheers mate - this will save some time!

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