Pushover and Apple Carplay

Recently purchased a car that has Apple Carplay. (Mixed feelings on that). Anyway is there anyway to get Pushover notifications on Carplay? It appears when Carplay is active I no longer get notification sounds on my phone. Things like phone calls and texts notify me on the car. Would sure like that from pushover as that is where I get all my HE notifications to.

Carplay should make a sound at least (does on mine) but it won't display it on the head unit screen. Only apps that are carplay enabled would (Pushover and Hubitat app are not)

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That’s all I want is the sound. But none of the apps that are not CarPlay enabled seem to make a sound.

Is there maybe some notification setting I’m missing ? Sounds on phone are fine when CarPlay not connected.

This is an old thread but I found a way for Pushover to notifiy on Carplay.

In the Pushover phone app enable critical notifications. Then in HE Pushover device set it to HIGH. For some reason EMERGENCY didn't work, but HIGH does. It now shows up in Carplay (on my car screen) as an alert.


Can you should the rule how you have the notification written out? Curious.. (Nice find btw)

From @ogiewon’s original community pushover driver post:

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I actually set the priority in the Pushover device itself rather than use the H. But I would assume either would work. For some reason the E or emergency wouldn't work for me. In the Phone Pushover app you have to turn on Critical notifications like this:

I meant the HE rule

I created a rule to test this, but mainly I created another Pushover device with the High priority. Then I can select this in any app that uses a notification. Here is the test rule I used to verify it worked. I just went to my car, made sure the Carplay got connected, then triggered the switch. And the alert showed up on my car screen. So after that knowing it would work I just selected the new pushover device where I wanted to see certain alerts when driving.

Here is the device if that helps.

pushover 1