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Hi guys, I've been creating a new rule which uses a push notification to my phone. I couldn't get the rule to work, so I've been tearing my hair out for a few days. So Ive began to question if the rule is ok but the push notification isn't working. This seems to be the case!

So, I've created the most basic RM rule (attached) but still I don't get a push notification. Can anyone help with my quest, where am I going wrong? Ps, I have received Push notifications in the past when I've been testing things

When a rule isn't working as expected, there are generally two things you can try as the first/easiest troubleshooting steps:

  1. Turn on logging for the rule (trigger and action logging are generally the most useful, but really whatever you think might be the problem); and
  2. See if the problematic device responds as expected from the device page (e.g., if the rule is turning on/off a switch, see if the "On" and "Off" commands work reliably on the device page).

In your case, the rule is pretty simple, so some logic error (often the case) seems unlikely. But logging is your friend in this case, since it will tell you what the rule does (or at least thinks it's doing).

For you, I'd look at your "PHONE STU" device: in the admin UI (the webpage for the hub), go to "Devices" on the left, then click/tap into the page for your phone. Look for the button/command towards the top called "Device Notification." Put in some text to send as a test, then click/tap the button itself to execute the command. If this works, then something is wrong with the rule; if not, something is wrong with your device.

My guess, if it's not clear by now, is that you'll find something wrong with the device. In that case, there is some troubleshooting you can do. A good place to start might be signing out of and back into the Hubitat mobile app (or consider even uninstalling and reinstalling it), choosing your hub (if prompted--I believe you only see this if you have more than one), and then choosing to re-use your existing mobile app/notification device when asked (this one--although if that doesn't work, you could try creating a new one and swapping it out for the old one in all apps/rules).

Good luck!


@bertabcd1234 thanks for taking the time to explain this to me. I need to spend an hour digesting your help and then applying your ideas. It's now 00:07 in the UK and work is looming so I'll feedback shortly. Thanks for your detailed help :+1:

I've always had issues with HE's built in notifications. I use Pushover and it's been flawless and so much more robust.

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Thanks again for your help. i tried everything you said and all seemed to be working as expected. However, i logged out of the mobile app and then back in and Hey Presto! it worked. Cheers once again :slight_smile:

@rlithgow1 out of curiosity, what is pushover, i dont seem to have this as an option in the rules. Also i dont seem to have it as an app when i search within HPM. Thanks in advance
EDIT- I found the answer on a well known search engine :+1:

to buy it's only 4 bux. It gives you a lot of options including different sounds for different alerts

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Appreciated, cheers for the pointers :+1::+1:

Pushover is an app available on both Android & IOS app stores. Install on your phone(s).
Then setup notification device w Pushover