Push Notifications to app?


Seems odd that you don't support push notifications to your own app. SMS is not today.
Rule Machine does not have it either. What is going on? Why have app if you don't support it?

The hubitat mobile app does support push notifications.


Hi Petteri -

@marktheknife has already answered your question. I just wanted to say Welcome to Hubitat, and expand on his answer by a sentence or two.

When you first use the mobile app, you'll be presented with the opportunity to create a device on HE. This device (mine is called Ashok's Pixel Presence) can be used for presence detection as well as to send notifications.


aaiayr: I created mobile app device and found that there is indeed Device Notification, but how does that help HSM? It is not a safety monitor if it does not alert me when I'm away. SMS seems to be option only for US/Canada because it does not ask for number in my version.

The app should give you notifications whether you are on the same local network as the Hubitat or when your phone is on the cellular network.

SMS has been discontinued everywhere. If you have a RPi, you can setup your own Email to SMS gateway with this integration by @erktrek.

I've been using it for almost 2 months now - it works really well.

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Too bad that there really is no push notifications to app in rule machine nor HSM.
It really makes me wonder why? What it the use of HSM without it?

Does any one know any other safety monitor type app that would notify me?
Should I look to sharptools.io or what? I'm lost.

I am confused by your above comment...:thinking:

All Hubitat apps that used to support SMS also support Push Notifications. Hubitat Safety Monitor, Hubitat Notifications, and Rule Machine (plus others) all support sending notifications directly to your phone via the Hubitat Mobile App.

You can also use Pushover (just a $5 one time fee per mobile phone platform.)

You can also use Twilio (not free, but very reasonably priced.)

All three of these solutions are implemented as Hubitat Devices that support the "Notification" Capability. Thus, to all Hubitat Hub Apps, these Notification Devices can be used to send messages to your variety of devices (Smart Phones, Tablets, etc...)

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OK. It seems that I don't understand the concept at all.
In HSM I have option Send notification to devices where I can select self created mobile app device. Current state of that mobile app device is showing the notification text I specified in HSM. Now what? How to get that text to to my phone to push notify me? Really confusing

Am I correct in assuming that you do not have the mobile app installed on your phone?

Edit - the app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

You should not manually create this device. Once you install the Hubitat Mobile App on your phone, you will be prompted to log into the Hubitat Cloud and select your hub. Doing so will create the device on your Hubitat hub. This is how the two are linked together.


That was new to me. I thouht that all was set when I had my dashboards on my iPhone. That mobile device talk sounded strange. Now that I got my iPhone in Hubitat everything makes sense. Thanks for help

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