Push Button for Table Lamps?

What are folks using as a solution for table lamps?

I was looking at the Aqara Wireless Mini Switch, but have read a few posts about Aqara devices not pairing. Like the compact size of the Flic buttons, but they also don't appear to play nice with HE, requiring a bit of work to get them set up.

Any other small, inconspicuous alternatives out there?



I have been using SmartThings buttons but I won't replace them, they're too hungry on the batteries as they also do temperature and stuff. But mainly I just ask Alexa or Google assistant to turn stuff on for me, depending which is in the room I am in.


If you have a spare rPi or Windows PC/laptop you could use a Zigbee stick like a Conbee2 and IKEA's On/Off switches. Not an ideal setup, granted, I only stumbled across it through a misguided purchase, but an option if you wanted the relatively small IKEA switches with magnetic mounting option.

Zooz makes a 2 button device that has worked well for me in my setup. We have 3 right now. 2 of which get frequent use. It is the Zen 34 remote switch. It does single tap, double tap, and held actions and works well with the button controller app.

I just installed a couple Sonoff SNZB-01 and they are working great and were inexpensive.

**This is not the ebay vendor I used. I just grabbed the first description that popped up.


I bought one zen34. I found it often misses the first press. Kind of like it goes to sleep.

If I had to do it over again, I'd have nothing but Lutron Caseta hardware, in part because of Pico remotes. I just installed all Caseta dimmers and switches in my wife's shop, and it was a real pleasure. I had forgotten just how good the stuff is, and the Picos are great. In fact, I think you'll be seeing some used Z-wave available over the next year as I start to switch stuff out, even though my Z-wave network is solid. The older I get, the more I like "it just works".


:point_up: This 100%!


I don't think it's so much that it misses the press. Most buttons I have tried, when used with a "Toggle" instruction base their action on what their own last action was (presumably held on the hub's data for that button rather than the button hardware). So if the button thinks it did an "off" last time, next time you press it, it will want to send an "on". If the lights had been turned on by other means in the interrim, the button will be asking them to turn on again, rather than off. The next press will count as "off" and so it looks like it ignored your first press and worked the 2nd time.

The hue button has a nice feel, easy on batteries and pairs directly with hubitat.

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I don’t think so. The toggle command is performed in the BC. The button just sends the button # event. I have six SmartThings buttons and they perform flawlessly.

Has anyone tried the Aeotec replacements for the Samsung buttons?

I haven't! Maybe I will :slight_smile:

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But wouldn't that be based on what the last event was? Otherwise it's got to be testing the state of the lights, and if there was more than one, what does it do if it finds some on and some off? Reverse which ones are on and off?

I think what @steve.maddigan means is the command from the device will be the same, it is how the hub / rule responds to receiving that command. So you may include a toggle action in your rule, but that is not what is sent from the physical device, it just sends a pressed or released type of command.

Yes I assumed there wouldn't be space on the button itself to understand what the hub thought of the situation! I was using "button" lazily and diagramatically. But in principle I am sure toggle relates to the sequence of button events not to current state of controlled devices. And so if you've changed the state of the lights by other means since last button press, and dont' specifically test in a rule, then toggle is bound to get out of step with state. It happens with all my buttons - various different types - and you just get used to giving it another tap.

Oh! It takes a different battery now! cr2. Might be worth a try after all.

Yup, exactly. And the zen34 was not sending a button press - nothing shows up in the logs until a second press (and it happened often)

I am a big Zooz fan, but the zen34 doesn’t make my list as a good device. It’s now excluded and on the shelf.

That hasn't been my experience at all. It has responded very well to all of my push routines. Without repeat presses. That wouldn't fly with the wife. It does take a moment to respond some times (1 sec) but it doesn't miss them at all. I do have a fair amount of Zwave stuff at my home so i believe the mesh is pretty strong at this point though.

I just tested this as well by picking up the one that is rarely used across the house and the very first button press registered. If you look at the events you can also see it has been reporting battery at a regular interval right around 24 hours. So it is consistently reporting in. I do have all of my Zwave 700 Stuff connected with S2 or whatever the default is when using Smartstart though.