Purchased a used device - how to register as admin?

How do I register this device for admin if it was used by someone else?

Did the person from whom you purchased the hub perform a full reset first? That wipes the hub and de-registers that person's Hubitat account from being associated with the hub.

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The previous owner would have to provide you the admin login/password, or initiate the transfer for you.

From the FAQ:

Log into my.hubitat.com with your current admin account and select Registered Hub then select Hub Details . On the Hub Details you will see a place where you can Replace existing Admin with a different Hubitat user. Be sure to create a Hubitat Account for your new email by visiting the following page: My Hubitat


I bought it on ebay. I don't know who the previous owner.

Presumably the eBay seller can provide that information to you?


Can you email him to remove the hubitat from his account at my.hubiat.com ?

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@support / @bobbyD may be able to deregister it as well with some sort of verification.

This is a completely unacceptable answer. As long as there is some sort of verification of new ownership, hubitat should be able to de-register it for use by a new person. I bought mine from Amazon (not a private seller) and it already is registered to another admin account. There doesn't seem to be any support options for this scenario.

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Tagging @support_team.

Amazon is not supposed to send out returned units, but they have been. So it is likely Support can/will help you reset the unit.

Your situation is very different than someone purchasing a “used” hub from eBay, which is of indeterminate provenance. It is not uncommon for stolen merchandise to be sold on eBay.


Sorry for the confusion. If you could please open a return case using the "Hub is not new" option, we would be glad to take care of the replacement. Unfortunately, Amazon has been known to put a returned unit back in stock from time to time.


I have this same issue. Is there a reset for this or do I have to return to Amazon?

Tagging @support_team

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@bobbyD see above. Do I have to return this or can you reset it remotely?

Yes, please send me a private message along with your Hubitat account and hub ID (or MAC address).

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@bobbyD PM sent