Purchased a Hubitat second hand and trying to connect to Smart Lock

Hello Everyone,

I’m very new to all this home automation stuff. I purchase a Yale BL1 Smart Lock with z-wave and was hoping to control it with the Hubitat. I purchased the Hubitat second hand and have not been able to connect the lock to it. I can access the hub and see all of the previous owners devices but it does not seem to recognize my Yale lock. I did a factory reset on the Yale lock, got within a few feet of the hub but have had to luck. Any advice?

It’s unclear whether the hub was in your present home when you purchased the hub (and home?), or whether this is a hub you purchased from someone and brought into your home.

You say that you see the previous owner’s devices, but are those devices still connected to the hub in its present home?

If this is a j hub that you purchased from someone and then brought into your home without the prior owner’s devices (but with the devices still in the hub’s database and radio databases), then the hub is probably choking, trying to communicate with its now-estranged devices. In this case (and only this case, where a hub is transferred to a different owner), you need to do a Full Reset of the hub and register the hub.

Again, Full Reset is RARELY needed - only when the hub is being transferred to a new owner, because it de-registers the hub, resets the internal database, and resets the radios. It’s an out-of-the-box experience.

If this is really your situation, go to:

and do a Full Reset.

You will need the hub’s MAC address (from the bottom sticker) as the login password. If, as you say, you currently have access to the hub, then the easiest way to get the MAC address (rather than typing it in) is to go to Settings, Hub Details, and copy the MAC address, then go to the port 8081 URL above and paste the MAC at the login.

Did you put your hub into inclusion mode, and then put your lock into inclusion mode?


Thank you for the information. I bought the hub from someone else and brought it to my home. Sounds like I need to do a factory reset.

I will try that and let you know how it goes.

Yes I put both the hub and the lock in inclusion mode.

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Yes. If the hub was not fully reset before the previous owner sold it to you, then I wouldn’t expect anything to work right, as @672southmain explained.

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Please do. Someone here should be able to get you going. After the Full Reset, you should be presented with the Getting Started page. If you have difficulty, post back.

Details here:

Oh, and welcome to the Hubitat Community!


So I went to the url. The only option I saw for a reset was a soft reset, so I did that. I didn’t see a hard reset anywhere. The lock it still not being discovered. Where should I go from here?

You need to do the hard reset and then go from there. Here is the endpoint for a hard reset.

If you search the forum for "hard reset" you will find plenty of information. Good luck!


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Hard reset is kinda hidden as it's an option that should rarely be used..."Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!" :slight_smile:

Concern is folks who are frustrated about something might use it when they shouldn't and really hose themselves