? Prospective device; CNZJSC circuit breakers

"The App eWeLink enables you to control your devices easily. You can download the iOS version in App Store and the Android version in Google Play.There is a key to share the function and you can control one switch with your family members or friends at the same time by sonoff switch.This devices can work with Google Nest & Alexa"

sonoff ???

If they were zwave or zigbee I'd be interested. But not wifi.

I would feel more comfortable with a protocol that can never get to the internet on its own / phone home.

I would say it's nice but wifi, and it's ridiculous using a breaker for the neutral in the 2P model...

I'm not interested in wifi, either. But they look close enough that the smart guys here might interested in porting.


I've thought about this a few times. I would happily replace all of my circuit breakers for 'smart' ones that did power monitoring (and MAYBE on/off) if it were zigbee or zwave and didn't need an additional hub.

Gets a little pricey - I have maybe 30 circuits x as assumed $50 usd each.

What's the problem sharing your data with the Chinese server? It's just watts.

Who says I'm worried about the Chinese? (I am, but still)

I am much more worried about the US DHS, in general, though...

I'm laughing here, I was joking Jason, have a great rest of your day. :slight_smile:

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I know. I should have put a 'smiley' on my post. But still.... US DHS... shiver

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This would also assume that your electrical panel was Homeline. A popular brand but not everyone has them. Giving your friends and family control of your circuit breakers would not be a comforting marketing tag for me.

I dislike ewelink and related product line (sonoff etc). I don't mind paying more for something I can trust not to melt and share my data.

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Actually you can use IFTTT to link it with HE.

I think I will buy one for testing....

I don't think it is actually a Homeline mount. Like 'sonoff', I think the vendor is throwing related keywords in the description. The reviews say likely to be DIN rail-mount.

There doesn't appear to be any electrical certifications listed either. Not worth the risk.

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Leviton has released a "Smart Panel" to monitor everything. Unfortunately, it's WiFi based as well. What I do like about their panels is you nothing gets wired to the breaker. You wire everything in, the start adding the breakers.


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I have enough trouble with random lights being turned on or off, now it's going to happen to a circuit breaker? Power monitoring....sure, i get that. But on/off control? No thanks. Safety devices should need to be reset manually. Obviously it tripped for a reason.


Does it say it can reset the breaker? I see you can turn it on/off, but nothing about a reset.

Breakers only have two states, on or off. Unless they have some 3rd state, I would assume that you can turn them on remotely.

Actually there are three. On off and tripped. To go from tripped to on you usually need to turn them off and then on

Which you can do remotely or only physically at the switch?