[PROJECT] Zemismart M1 - Matter Bridge for Tuya Zigbee devices [MATTER]

What I mean is since the zemismart is a thread border router, would that allow devices like nanoleaf bulbs to be controled by hubitat through this without envolvement of others like Google nest? I guess with Matter?

I was able to add Nanoleaf A19 Thread bulb via Zemismart M1 Matter bridge :

Then, I was able to bring it to Hubitat:

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@ymerj, get a Zemismart M1 and come to join the Matter Bridge project! :slight_smile:

I need help/advice from an experienced developer, the code size grows fast and at the moment is probably 3 times the HA-HE bridge code .. :cry:

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I ordered a Zemismart. As for the "experience developer", I don't see myself as such. I doubt I could be of much help.

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I seeking a little clarification:

If devices added to zemismart hub can be share through Matter to hubitat, what advantage this project will brings?

My understanding is that this project is to bring onboard devices that are not Matter devices, but shared as Matter through a bridge that converts between Zigbee/Zwave/Lora/whatever <=> Matter

Isn't it what the zemismart is doing by itself? It's a bridge. It exposes non-matter devices as matter devices to other matter capable hub like Hubitat.

Am I getting it wrong?

Yes, but Hubitat, without a bridge driver like the one kkossev is working on, does not see these devices. It only supports native Matter devices.

Non-Matter devices brought over through a Matter bridge don't work the same way as native Matter devices. Or at least that's my understanding.

@ymerj, I guess the advantage as the OP has stated previously, the Matter Bridge serves as an alternative method to integrate non-standard Zigbee devices (Tuya) with Hubitat, ensuring compatibility without the necessity for custom drivers. And, full functionality is also available in the Smart Life app as the manufacturer intended for these devices.
Also, we know that HE hub does not play too well with some Aqara and Tuya devices and this project via matter should open the door for more compatibility and hopefully reduce load on the HE hub as well.

I understand the part about wanting a way to integrate problematic tuya devices. I thought this would be done through Matter. Are you saying to accomplish that it require a driver for hubitat to access the Matter bridge? It would mean each big name like Google, Apple, Samsung etc. produced a specific driver for the zemismart since it integrate with them out of the box.

Obviously there is a part I don't get.

Edit: Or is this a Matter thing that Hubitat did not implement (yet)

This :point_up:

The support of a device type "Matter Bridge" is not brand specific. In addition to the Tuya bridges, it works also with Aqara hubs (E1, M1S, M2), Philips Hue bridge, and probably with other Zigbee hubs that can work as Matter bridges.


Now it makes sense.

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According to this, they do not support Hubitat due to lack of permission.

Matter is an open standard with publically available specifications, so community developers do not need any permissions nor expect any support from the manufacturers. Note, that Implementing a Matter Bridge integration does not include reverse-engineering activities (like what we often do when we pair some Zigbee devices directly).

Switchbot Hub2 works fine with the experimental Bridge driver, BTW (the curtain robot motor driver needs some tuning, but the first tests are OK!).

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I was wondering about that, but it's on their "pre-sales" page...

It's one-year-old post.

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I got my M1 today. I paired my Nanoleaf thread bulbs successfully and they seems stable. I could add them to Hubitat with Matter. It went smoothly as usual.

If I pair my ES1 sensor to it (with the help of that project), will it offload the burden of the numerous zigbee messages from the device?

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Yes, offloading HE hubs from some chatty Tuya devices is one of the useful applications of this hub.
Via Matter, only the motion active/inactive events are exposed. The spammy distance reports stay in the Zemismart Zigbee channel.

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Trying to figure this out, please excuse my ignorance. Will having a separate Zigbee channel from the M1 hurt my Zigbee network connected directly to my C8 HE? Or would I want to put all of my Zigbee devices (Ikea blinds, Sonoff buttons and sensors) on the M1 and kill off the HE Zigbee network so they don't compete?

I'm only interested in this M1 hub so that I can get some Linptech/Moes 24Ghz Presence Sensors. Am I understanding correctly that I basically need this hub to get those sensors? Seems like there aren't any other options to integrate presence sensors, easily, into HE?