Problems with Shelly 2.5 switch stock driver

@mike.maxwell I’ve got a problem: my shelly 2.5 switches does’nt work properly anymore:

  • I can switch them on/off from the device screen, but the status (on/off) and power does’nt refresh until I push Refresh button
  • I cannot use the device in a dashboard, that is:
    • I can switch it on but the tile get stuck with the hourglass icon
    • If I switch on/off the device from Shelly app dashboard the tile does not update

Of course I rebooted the hub, uninstalled/installed the device (both in Shelly and HE) and so on.
Does anybody got this problem?
The Shelly 1 stock driver works correctly.

what platform version are you running?

Hubitat Elevation® Platform Version

Hardware Version

Rev C-5

here following some more info

Hi Mike, is there any other information you need to check why the devices does'nt work in a dashboard?

Can you post a screen shot of the driver details that includes the Device Network Id?

When I try to switch it in the dashboard I get the following message:
sys:12020-09-02 22:40:40.950 warnReceived data from, no matching device found for, C0A80132:EAC7, DA4732E4C29E or C0A80132.

The switch is reachable ping) and is correctly operated by He in simple light rule

Ok. I hand over...

I meant a screen shot of the parent device.
My guess is that the device changed ips on you...

In the meantime i removed and reinstalled the device, but still the dashboard tile get stuck.
I would too say it could be a network problem , should'nt I have some shelly 1 nearby without any problem. Even more, shelly 2.5 automations (Simple Automation Rules) are working correctly

The debug prints show that the device is responding from a different MAC than what the Device Network Id is set to. The last three bytes are correct, but the first three are different, which is strange.

@roberto, please open your web browser and visit these URLs and post the output here.

@tomw here is it!

{"type":"SHSW-25","mac":"84F3EBE4C29E","auth":false,"fw":"20200827-065456/v1.8.3@4a8bc427","num_outputs":2, "num_meters":2, "num_rollers":1

{"device":{"type":"SHSW-25","mac":"84F3EBE4C29E","hostname":"shellyswitch25-E4C29E","num_outputs":2, "num_meters":2, "num_rollers":1},"wifi_ap":{"enabled":false,"ssid":"shellyswitch25-E4C29E","key":""},"wifi_sta":{"enabled":true,"ssid":"default","ipv4_method":"static","ip":"","gw":"","mask":"","dns":null},"wifi_sta1":{"enabled":true,"ssid":"default","ipv4_method":"static","ip":"","gw":"","mask":"","dns":null},"mqtt": {"enable":false,"server":"","user":"","id":"shellyswitch25-E4C29E","reconnect_timeout_max":60.000000,"reconnect_timeout_min":2.000000,"clean_session":true,"keep_alive":60,"max_qos":0,"retain":false,"update_period":30},"coiot": {"update_period":15},"sntp":{"server":"","enabled":true},"login":{"enabled":false,"unprotected":false,"username":"admin"},"pin_code":"1GNU4v","name":null,"fw":"20200827-065456/v1.8.3@4a8bc427","factory_reset_from_switch":true,"discoverable":false,"build_info":{"build_id":"20200827-065456/v1.8.3@4a8bc427","build_timestamp":"2020-08-27T06:54:56Z","build_version":"1.0"},"cloud":{"enabled":false,"connected":false},"timezone":"Europe/Rome","lat":45.465500,"lng":9.186520,"tzautodetect":true,"tz_utc_offset":7200,"tz_dst":true,"tz_dst_auto":true,"time":"14:30","unixtime":1600612237,"led_status_disable":false,"actions":{"active":true,"names":["btn_on_url","btn_off_url","longpush_url","shortpush_url","out_on_url","out_off_url","btn_on_url","btn_off_url","longpush_url","shortpush_url","out_on_url","out_off_url","roller_open_url","roller_close_url","roller_stop_url"]},"hwinfo":{"hw_revision":"prod-2019-03", "batch_id":1},"mode":"relay","max_power":0,"longpush_time":800,"relays":[{"name":null,"ison":false,"has_timer":false,"default_state":"off","btn_type":"toggle","btn_reverse":0,"auto_on":0.00,"auto_off":0.00,"max_power":0,"btn_on_url":"","btn_off_url":"","out_on_url":"","out_off_url":"","longpush_url":"","shortpush_url":"","schedule":false,"schedule_rules":[]},{"name":null,"ison":false,"has_timer":false,"default_state":"off","btn_type":"toggle","btn_reverse":0,"auto_on":0.00,"auto_off":0.00,"max_power":1000,"btn_on_url":"","btn_off_url":"","out_on_url":"","out_off_url":"","longpush_url":"","shortpush_url":"","schedule":false,"schedule_rules":[]}],"rollers":[{"maxtime":20.00,"maxtime_open":20.00,"maxtime_close":20.00,"default_state":"stop","swap":false,"swap_inputs":false,"input_mode":"openclose","button_type":"toggle","btn_reverse":0,"state":"stop","power":0.00,"is_valid":true,"safety_switch":false,"roller_open_url":"","roller_close_url":"","roller_stop_url":"","schedule":false,"schedule_rules":[],"obstacle_mode":"disabled","obstacle_action":"stop","obstacle_power":200,"obstacle_delay":1,"safety_mode":"while_opening","safety_action":"stop","safety_allowed_on_trigger":"none","off_power":2,"positioning":true}]}

{"wifi_sta":{"connected":true,"ssid":"default","ip":"","rssi":-58},"cloud":{"enabled":false,"connected":false},"mqtt":{"connected":false},"time":"14:31","unixtime":1600612276,"serial":1870,"has_update":false,"mac":"84F3EBE4C29E","cfg_changed_cnt":0,"actions_stats":{"skipped":0},"relays":[{"ison":false,"has_timer":false,"timer_started":0,"timer_duration":0,"timer_remaining":0,"overpower":false,"overtemperature":false,"is_valid":true,"source":"input"},{"ison":false,"has_timer":false,"timer_started":0,"timer_duration":0,"timer_remaining":0,"overpower":false,"overtemperature":false,"is_valid":true,"source":"http"}],"meters":[{"power":0.00,"overpower":0.00,"is_valid":true,"timestamp":1600612276,"counters":[0.000, 0.000, 0.000],"total":0},{"power":0.00,"overpower":0.00,"is_valid":true,"timestamp":1600612276,"counters":[0.000, 0.000, 0.000],"total":1600}],"inputs":[{"input":0,"event":"","event_cnt":0},{"input":1,"event":"","event_cnt":0}],"temperature":57.06,"overtemperature":false,"tmp":{"tC":57.06,"tF":134.71, "is_valid":true},"update":{"status":"idle","has_update":false,"new_version":"20200827-065456/v1.8.3@4a8bc427","old_version":"20200827-065456/v1.8.3@4a8bc427"},"ram_total":49504,"ram_free":35052,"fs_size":233681,"fs_free":140560,"voltage":233.22,"uptime":109742}

@tomw, @mike.maxwell do you have any good news?
The shelly works fine but still I cannot use it in a dashboard

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@mike.maxwell, and maybe when fixing the issue you can add at the same time the possibility to refresh the state of the relay :stuck_out_tongue:

The device network ID (DNI) in Hubitat is set properly to what the device claims as its MAC (84F3EBE4C29E), but it seems to be responding from a different MAC (DA4732E4C29E). I suspect a device issue. Do you have other Shelly devices that continue to work correctly? Is there a firmware update (or downgrade, in case you updated recently and it stopped working) that you could try? Regardless, I would contact Shelly to see if they can explain what is happening. Maybe there's a secondary network interface or something that it is connecting to your network on (erroneously?).

To make it work now, you could try changing the DNI to the one it is responding from (DA4732E4C29E) and it may work again. But that seems like an unreliable workaround if it may get into this state again, so I'd try to figure out the root cause.

FYI: @roberto

Thank you @tomw. I have 5 shelly 2.5 and 3 shelly 1.
All the shelly 1 seems to work correctly in my dashboards, the shelly 2.5 do'nt.
I'll try to check them one by one. I'm meditating to substitute them all with zigbee relays. I still have to select the best one. I need a small device due to the Italian electric dimensional standards

What is the issue with Dashboards, specifically? Do the Shelly 2.5s (including the one that seemed to be working incorrectly previously) work with Hubitat in general? In other words, is it a Dashboard problem or a problem really of working with any Hubitat functionality? If you make the change to DNI that I mentioned, does it correct the issue?

@tomw Yes it works in Hubitat correctly, but I cannot use the device in a dashboard, that is, when I switch it on the tile it get stuck with the hourglass icon, and if I switch on/off the device from Shelly app dashboard the tile does not update. I still have to change the DNI in the way you suggested me.

I am experiencing the same issue with all recently purchased and freshly added Shelly 1 and 2.5 switches. But my older Shelly 1 switches added a few months ago are working just fine.

All Shelly switches are running the latest firmware released in November 2020.

I have noticed that from both the Dashboard and from the Device page, if switch is off and I select to turn it on, Hubitat does not detect the new "on" state. But if I call refresh from the device page then the state is correctly identified.

Pre Condition: switch is off, dashboard shows it's off, state in device page is off.
Open dashboard and device page in two separate tabs.


  1. Click on dashboard icon. Light turns on, but dashboard is stuck on hourglass.
  2. On device page note how the status is still shown as "off"
  3. Use device page to call refresh command
  4. Dashboard now shows the light is on, the device page now shows status as "on".

The reverse, on to off, is also true.

I sadly gave up as I could not let them work correctly in my dashboard

I also have the same problem with shelly 2.5 and shelly 1pm

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