Problems with GE devices

Since I added locks to my system I've been struggling with getting them working. Even with the addition (and multiple configurations) of beaming range extenders the best I could accomplish was to have the lock/unlock commands execute, but no status updates to my dashboard. My system had some GE Z-Wave plus devices that documentation says support beaming, and in my countless hours of experimenting and moving things around I removed a plug-in outlet adapter and an in-wall switch. Instantly everything became fast and accurate, even the locks' status updates.
Without some kind of route tracer I don't know what was going on, but I'm certain that the GE devices were the culprits. Possibly trying to use roundabout routes? So what's the deal with these GE devices? I want to be able to use them but if they're going to drag down my system I can't.

Maybe if you gave model numbers of these devices, it might help. Also, which driver might give some insight.

I am not aware of any GE devices that cause issues, there haven't been any or many recent threads about them anyway.

I have all GE zwave switches. They're the older ones and are not plus models. I have had no troubles with them at all. NOT to say that it's not possible. Perhaps you might want to spend the 35$ on a zniffer so that you can at least see what your routing is doing. Obviously, plus is better, and it's always possible that a bad device is the culprit. Check out this link. I have one. They're easy to set up and can provide a lot of information on your mesh.

Thanks for that info, april.brandt. model no's are ZW4103 and ZW1002, using the Generic Z-Wave Switch & Outlet drivers.

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The ZW4103 is a plug-in outlet. The ZW1002 apparently also goes by 14288, and is a receptacle (outlet), not a switch.

I seem to remember some people having issues using the 14288 with the Generic Switch driver. Did you try using the Generic Outlet driver with this device? Not sure that is the issue, but I would think that sending wrong commands to the outlet might cause something unwanted to happen.

These are not the same issue exactly, but they did some odd things with the incorrect driver.

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