Problem with smartly project

hello friends, I have been with smartly project for a long time and it has never given me any problem, today I started to change the icons a little, etc, to play and I realized that when I press the save button it does nothing for me, I move an icon, and When I hit save, everything returns to me from the beginning, has something happened? I hope your help friends

@diegodelprat I think you'll need to take that up with OLL for an actual fix... From what I understand some CSS needs corrected.

Yeah, it hasn't been working for a bit. It doesn't come up in search, but here's the thread: Smartly inject not working in 2.3.3

You can replace a bit of code and it will allow you to drag and drop again. When you click save it will copy the new JSON to your clipboard where you can then paste it manually over your current dashboard JSON. It's not ideal, but it restores the drag and drop and resize functions.

Yeah given what happened I don't think the company that shall not be named is going to do much to fix it.

I have no idea of code hahaha I need a little light, enlighten me my friends!

I think you're right. When I was trying to figure this out, I even saw a statement on their site saying they have no interest in fixing it.

You don't need to know how to code. I certainly don't! You just need to copy and paste. Read through that thread and I think post 50 shows you what you need to do.


I'm a bit confused, according to what I read, you have to download the json and put it in the file manager, but how do I download that file if the browser opens?

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