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I have the ability to set up HA on a ProxMox server I have at home. Is there a way to integrate presence sensors from HA into HE? Part 2, are the presence sensors more reliable in HA than they are in HE? I currently run Life360, WebCoRE and the HE presence sensors all integrated with Combined Presence and I have 2 phones that leave the geofence regularly and in the middle of the night causing lights to come on when they decide to return...... :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

So your phones are managing to trigger every presence sensor in the middle of the night? That would point to a phone GPS issue. I presume you have combined presence set to require all of them marked as away.

Take a look at the Home Assistant Device Bridge (HADB) community developed integration. It supports binary presence sensors from Home Assistant.

Well, if three different solutions do not work reliably in Hubitat, I would guess that HA would have similar issues. What brand/model of phones are you using?

No I don't have all of them required to be away. If one of them fails in the "at home" state then the "*** left home" pistons in Webcore don't run. Same if they're all required to return, if one of them fails in the away state then "*** is home" won't fire. I guess I could set it to if 2 sensors......

***Edit - Advanced Combiner is an "Any" or "All" you can't do an *if 2 of 3 Unless there's a way to do something similar inside of WebCore instead of using Advanced Combiner.

iPhones. several 7Pluses, a 13.....

Ah...I don't use presence combiner. My only presence sensor for automations is Life360 because it performs near perfectly for me, but, I'm an Android user.

So, it sounds like one of the presence inputs is going haywire. I don't think adding another input would solve your issue, but removing the errant one probably would.

What version of the Hubitat app are you on?

Okay, since you're using iPhones... have you considered to use Locative? Locative is an iOS App that is very lightweight (very low battery usage) and very reliable when it comes to geofence accuracy. I use it on my iPhone 11.

In order to use it, it has to be installed on each iPhone, and a Geofence created for your home location. Then, you'll need to supply two URLs to it, one for Arriving and another for Departing. These URLs will be Hubitat MakerAPI Cloud Endpoint URLs to allow a Virtual Presence Device per phone to be updated whether your are at home or away (i.e. the reason we need to use a MakerAPI Cloud Endpoint.)

More details available in this thread:

Locative is free, and not tied to any cloud servers. It simply makes an HTTP GET call for each arrival or departure. Thus, there is no user data tracking occurring whatsoever.

It takes a little effort to get it set up, but I find it worthwhile in the long run.

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I'll check into that. WebCore app was my go to and it seems pretty reliable until you haven't opened it for a while. Then it stops till the app gets opened and you allow it to use your location again. Ok for me but I got tired of telling the wife and kids to open it when I'd get notifications from HE that a door was opened and no one was "home".

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I almost broke down and asked questions lol! I read through the entire post and I think I have it set up. Put it on my phone to try for the moment before I deploy it on everyone's. Of course though my phone is old faithful with geofencing. I rarely have problems with it.

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