i have seen people talk about having a virtual presence sensor and using a combo of smartthings location/a smartthings presence sensor/whatever else.

My question is if you are using multiple things for a single person how do you decide the last thing for them?

I have GPS on my phone right now with Life360 (soon to me locative) but if i had a 2nd sensor like the smartthings presence one how would you set it up for when one is picked up and now the other?
Is a person home when "both" are around. Gone when "both" are gone. Just curious.

@SmartHomePrimer i thought i saw you comment a few times how you have this setup so tagging you.

Presence Central will combine multiple presence sensors into one with different options

[Updated] Presence Central

Combine this with a ‘virtual presence plus’ vitual device


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Not sure what is meant by "tagging". Do you mean identifying the person present?

My setup is with HomeKit via Homebridge. When a family member's iPhone enters the Geofence, this triggers HomeKit to flip a virtual switch that is exposed to HomeKit via @tonesto7 's Homebridge plugin. When that persons geolocation switch is turned on (we each have one), then the rule for that person (again, we each have one), is halfway to being true. When that family member's phone connects to the WiFi as they approach our front door, then IFTTT turns on a second switch which is also particular to that person. That makes their presence rule True and the front door lock opens, and at the same time, the rule disabled the geolocation switch for that person. This resets their geolocation switch so it is ready for next time they leave and then re-enter the geofenced area, and it also prevents (or is supposed to prevent) the door from unlocking while we are in the house, even if our phones drop and regain WiFi.

What I will be adding soon is a third trigger using a Wyze cam to detect if:
A - One of us has left and then re-entered the geofenced area
B - A person is detected at the front door by the Wyze Cam (which will turn on a common switch to be used by any of our presence rules)
C - One of our phones has connected to WiFi, throwing the third switch to confirm our presence.

Hopefully this will completely eliminate the risk of the door opening at 2AM like my phone caused when it decided to freak out and flip my geolocation switch on and off, over and over again, which then coincided with it loosing WiFi, and thus the door opened. One thing I won't be able to guard against at this time is if one of our phones freaks out like that, and at the same time there just happens to be a weirdo lurking outside my front door. But I think those odds are very low, so it should work out if the detection can be made narrow enough with the Wyze cam to not detect people walk by the house on the sidewalk in front or a car passing by. I have not set this up yet, so some testing is going to be required.

I don't "tag" anyone coming or going with a notification, but that would be a very simple thing to add to the RM rule for each of us. I do however use IFTTT to send a notification when my front door lock is opened. Depending on which code is used, my wife and I get a notification identifying the person, the date, and time they unlocked the front door. I prefer this because my son does not carry a cell phone, so I can see when he uses his code to unlock the door.

I believe he simply meant he was including your @SmartHomePrimer username in his post to get your attention. As in "Tag! You're it! - can you please explain your logic for presence?"...which, BTW, you did very nicely indeed!

:laughing:Either he edited his post or I’m an idiot. Both probably.

he is correct. i remember you had something complicated and wanted to see it written out for ideas

i do use this. Any thoughts to allow multiple " What to do? * " in a single action:

For example for group 2 i would like to: change mode and set a switch

Finally got the Wyze Cam setup last night. This is an amazingly good camera software. Detection zone is working perfectly. I capture the door and a bit of what’s going on in the street, without false detection alerts.

Going to setup this as the third trigger and test now since I have to leave for an hour and can test without faking a geofencing departure and arrival.

They have some big things coming in 2019. Outdoor cam, google home integration, RTSP and more.

Going to hold off buying anything new for now just in case these features need newer hardware. That happened when they introduced motion tracking and a couple other features.

I'm excited to see what they come with.

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Unless they are a different form factor, I’d only lose $37 and the outdoor case/mount was only $18. I’ll happily buy another camera type and case if I needed it to get those features. These are a worthwhile expenditure.

Is this triggering events into HE?
If so what events types?

It triggers IFTTT. I then have IFTTT turning on a switch in HE, so that can trigger a rule to do anything I want. Response time is about 7 seconds for both notification and activating the switch in HE. Fine for my use.

I have the motion activity zone very narrow and sensitivity lowered to 25%. Working very well, Had guests over last night, so got some good test results. By the time anyone hits the first step leading up to my front porch, I already have a few seconds of a clip recorded, and by the time they're at my front door, I have a notification and the switch has triggered. I added a private boolean to trigger a rule for my front porch light as well. So if it's after 11;30 and my front light has already turned off on schedule, it will turn back on for a few minutes when presences is detected during normal off hours until dawn.

I just ordered a doorbell button, which I have never had before. When I ran the wiring for the camera, I cut a micro USB charge cable in half and soldered on end to two of the wires in a black CAT5E cable, and put the USB A end on an RJ-45 jack. This allowed easy routing of the cable to hide it as much as possible, and quick connection with an RJ-45 plug by just using standard T568 B wiring. So I have 6 wires available for the doorbell and whatever else. I have a piece of unused shrink tubing installed just below the intended location, so I can just tap into two more wires when I'm ready to install the doorbell. On the opposite end near the Wyze power supply, I'll attach two more wires to the RJ-45 jack and connect them to a door/window sensor. So when someone pushes the doorbell button, I can have any chime I want and trigger anything else I want to happen in HE.

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These would be great if they did them in the UK.

Yes saw that but it's someone trying to make a quick buck and at £50 plus postage it's hardly $20.

Price of it I'm afraid. I can't get cheaper than, or have never seen cheaper than $35 here in Canada. Yes, with most of the other cameras running between £20 ~ £30 range, this is a more expensive proposition for you. But having tested against an iSmart Alarm Spot which I already own, and a YI Home, I can confirm that this is far superior firmware/software, I feel it's worth the extra cost. Especially considering that they are now using Amazon servers instead of China based servers (although as a UK citizen, I don't know if that's all that comforting), they offer 14 days of unlimited 12 second clips per day at no cost to you, and the features such as RTSP and AI (I assume by that they mean facial recognition) they have committed to for this year.

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You can order directly from waze in the US. i believe. Even with Customs it's cheaper.

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I don't see an option for international orders. I think Amazon or Ebay are your only choices in outside of the US.

Here's one for £28.76 Free P&P

and this is the same mount I bought (although I bought a black one)

I just went ahead and placed an order with Amazon Global.

37€ with Import duties already paid.

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Nice. That's much better. I forgot about that option for you. Stupid because I just did the same thing for the doorbell button. Will cost me $21 US ($37 CAD) for the same button that cost $42 CAD from

Good tip. I often find something on and then just change the .ca to com with the same URL to compare the price if the same item is available. Quite often it is and even with import it's less. I find it's best for products I'm sure I won't need to return.

@BorrisTheCat If that option is available to you, then you should be able to get one for around 33 quid unless you're already getting screwed by Brexit.