Pre - Newbie advice

Hi Chaps,

I’m a pre newbie from Australia about to dive in and invest in a hub.

Currently I have a hue setup in a small villa running a few motion sensors, isolation modules. I’m running Alexa as my voice assistant with a few routines. I’m running a bunch of Tuya products - Brilliant, Grid connect. Want to totally move away from cloud

I’m moving to QLD to a large new build and starting a new smart house project from scratch. Super excited about a new endeavor.

I’m keen on getting to start the Shelly 1 modules for my light switches and a few sensors. I prob want to start there. I’m also keen to set up a wall kiosk.

I don’t want to dive back into hue as the open
switch issue really frustrated the wife.

So I’m open to any advice or assistance

Can’t wait to dive in.


Check this out: Hubitat for AUS/NZ Chat


Before you start planning devices you should read the documentation and supported devices list for the best experience and performance.

There are lots of limitations in Australia and rather then go down the track of trial and error I rather hear from other members that could provide some guidance on supported devices. Hearing from Aussie members of the community would be ideal as they would be able to provide solid steer.

I've already started the scoping work on the mesh network, electrical infrastructure, power backup and a few other random things.

As much information I can absorb the better it will be.

Thanks so much for your reply and info!!

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We've got quite a few of us aussies roaming around here now. Hop over to the AUS/NZ chat that Bruce linked above, or post a dedicated question in the Around the World section under Australia.

I've added you to the Australia/NZ group as well.


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Thanks Glenn super helpful !!

I've got a tone of questions. Been reading the Aussie thread last night. I'm still going through the posts to catch up on useful info. I suppose I need a good starting. I only just ordered the hub.


No Worries, well welcome to the community. As with everything tech you'll get 5 different views on everything, but we tend to share our experiences with different products as they become available here in Aus.

It's tough though, cause not a lot of devices get through our certification requirements, and we also pay through the nose for them. Often left with envious eyes to all the options overseas. :frowning:

I’ve seen these Shelly modules from a online retailer and has Oz certification

Just scoping out retailers