Power reporting on Zigbee outlet

I need a way to monitor (temporarily) power used by one device or one power strip. I have tried now a Peanut and a Sonoff S31. I have an issue. 2 hubs, 2 different options for the generic zigbee outlet.

Hub 1: C-5,

Hub 2: C-5,

Hub 1 has power options for the Peanut:

Hub 2 has no power options for the Sonoff, but same "Type" of generic outlet

Even with this, the Peanut never actually reports power as anything other than zero.

What should I use to get power readings on an outlet if these 2 models don't work?

I use the Sengled smart plugs. The one with the round ends. I believe the square ended ones do not report power. They were $35 for 2 on Amazon. I also have a few of the old SmartThings outlets that also report power.

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New ZigBee Sengled NB7 plugs.

Have you looked into Kasa KP125 outlets? They are inexpensive and generally Wi-Fi devices handle power reporting better than mesh network devices running Zigbee or Z-Wave.


FYI - Peanuts need a firmware update before they can report power. And you will need a Securifi router to update the firmware.

Sonoff's don't have power reporting.

I also recommend the Kasa KP125 outlets. They integrate with Hubitat using this integration written by @djgutheinz


I thought Zigbee would be easy, I guess not. I'll have to order the Kasa and report back in a few days.

Not all zigbee plugs have power reporting. And, for no fault of yours, although the Peanut supports power reporting, it requires a firmware update before it actually reports.

I have 10 of the Kasa KP125, and I think @bobbyD has more than that. They work very well. And @djgutheinz's integration is fully local. Just one tip - you should reserve IPs for the plugs in your router's DHCP table.

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Looks like Kasa is a no go. Must have bought the wrong model. Amazon messed me up, the page said 1-pack, energy monitoring, or I had an option for a 4-pack. I guess the 4-pack is a different model than the 1-pack on the same product page.

Yup, KP125 with power reporting looks identical to HS103 that doesn't have power reporting.

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Every search for KP125 comes up with KP115, even on the Kasa site. I’m trying Singled next, will order the Kasa if that doesn’t work.


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Also has energy monitoring.

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This is the page I was looking at. Look closely at the model number on the box.


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Target also has them in store in many areas if you want one today.

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As does Best Buy.

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Target has the 125 at 14.99, 3 off their normal price.

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Kasa has a lot of products and has been evolving their product line through the years. For the EM single plugs KP115 and KP125, both handle 1800 W, 110 VAC. I think the difference is in the wifi. The later Kasa devices appear to be going going to the low power ethernet chips that go to a standby mode w/o activity. (I see this in my device testing during development for the new versus old Color Bulb models.)

My personal recommendation: get the HS115 if available. I know it consistently works w/o delays on the ping testing that I do. (As opposed to the newer Kasa bulbs).

Below is the current Kasa Family for plugs. I have the HS105, HS115, HS300 (Energy Monitor), HS107 and KP303.


The Sengled E1C-N87 arrived last night. Checked it out today and it works as advertised. My desk looks like a smart outlet test lab right now.


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