Power Reporting on Generic Zigbee Outlet Issue

I have several Iris v2 smart plugs throughout my home that I use to monitor power consumption of heated mattress pads; my wife’s favorite gift ever. The idea is I don’t want these running all night and I turn them off after 60-90 minutes of use. I have a custom SmartApp in ST that handles this that I plan to move over to Hubitat.

I moved over a few of these smart plugs to Hubitat and they are set using the Generic Zigbee Outlet driver.

Couple of questions/issues:

  1. Does power reporting work? I set “Enable automatic power reporting” to 30 watts but I am not seeing any power usage logging.
  2. What exactly is the “enable automatic power reporting” dropdown for? Does this setting suppress any power reporting below the set threshold?
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Yes, it's working, here are the events from one of my Iris v2 smart plugs (mine is set to report at 5 watts):

Is the increment at which the power is reported. So if you set it to 30 watts, it means that power will be reported every 30 watts or more.

There is definitely a bug though. I set it to 5 watts to mimic yours and the mattress heater draws a near constant 60+ watts (it fluctuates somewhat) and you can see the first several are reported but nothing more.

I clicked the refresh button and you can see an update is forced:

So while I agree its "working" but it is not working all the time. :grin: In SmartThings I would see constant power updates.

It looks like the value has to change by at least 5 watts before a new value will be sent. It you turn off the heater does it start updating again as the value decreases?

What happens if you change the reporting value to 1 watt?

That is correct, the drop down is the minimum threshold change required to send an event.
It made little sense to me to report milliwatt changes as a default and only option.


I would suggest re-labeling that dropdown to something like "Enable automatic power reporting for changes greater than:" to make it more clear.

I have opened up support ticket 10203 because there is definitely an issue. I changed the setting to 1 watt as you suggested, turned on the mattress heater and as you can see it started reporting but it eventually stops. Time of this post is 4:28 PM ET and there have been no events for 8 minutes:


Dragging up a very old thread, I'm seeing this issue still with Iris 3210-L. My threshold is set at 15W but it seems to be reporting at some other threshold, sometimes as low as 1W change between samples. I have made sure to click Configure after setting the reporting to 15W. @mike.maxwell any thoughts? Is it worth removing and re-pairing it?

Pairing it again won't help, I'll have a look at it.

Same issue for me

I am currently set to 15W and it reports when changes are less than


This is fixed in platform 2.1.5


Doesn't seem to be fixed for me



Did you update the preference setting?
And if so, what preference did you set?

Sorry I should have included that

It's currently set to 15 watts. I have not changed it since it was installed


Ok, change it, save, then change it back and save...

That seems to have helped, TY

Now to try and figure out why it still reports 8 or 9 watts even when the dryer is turned off.
If I press refresh in the device settings, it goes to zero... hmmm


15 for the preference means it needs to change by 15 watts or more to self report.

However you bring up a good point, when the device is turned off it should report 0 watts, irrespective of the threshold setting, I'll put in a patch for that in 2.1.6...

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Thanks Mike

Hey @mike.maxwell

Did this fix ever make it's way in?

My washer was sitting at 12w for like 3 days, pressed refresh and it went to zero, meaning my washer notification won't work...

Thanks, Rick

Same thing for me. All my Iris plugs report for awhile and then stop. When I press refresh the proper value is pulled.

Sylvania Smart+ model 72922 discovered as Zigbee Generic Outlets
have no power reporting.
Hubitat Elevation® Platform Version
Hardware Version Rev C-5
Have changed threshold, refreshed, switched on/off & configured from HE.Even Removed/Rediscovered. Displays from Current States, Events & Logs show nothiing recognizable as power consumption.

Device Details
ID: 82D1
Manufacturer: LEDVANCE
Product Name:
Model Number: PLUG
deviceTypeId: 13
manufacturer : LEDVANCE
idAsInt : 1
inClusters : 0000,0003,0004,0005,0006,0B05,FC01,FC08
endpointId : 01
profileId : 0104
application : 01
outClusters : 0003,0019
initialized : true
model : PLUG
stage : 4

Log info
dev:1672020-02-18 13:36:59.792 infoPlant Stand is on
dev:1672020-02-18 13:36:59.783 debugdescMap:[raw:82D10100060A00001001, dni:82D1, endpoint:01, cluster:0006, size:0A, attrId:0000, encoding:10, command:01, value:01, clusterInt:6, attrInt:0]
dev:1672020-02-18 13:36:55.719 infoPlant Stand was turned on
dev:1672020-02-18 13:36:55.710 debugdescMap:[raw:82D10100060800001001, dni:82D1, endpoint:01, cluster:0006, size:08, attrId:0000, encoding:10, command:0A, value:01, clusterInt:6, attrInt:0]
dev:1672020-02-18 13:36:53.235 infoPlant Stand was turned off
dev:1672020-02-18 13:36:53.225 debugdescMap:[raw:82D10100060800001000, dni:82D1, endpoint:01, cluster:0006, size:08, attrId:0000, encoding:10, command:0A, value:00, clusterInt:6, attrInt:0]
dev:1672020-02-18 13:36:51.040 infoPlant Stand is on
dev:1672020-02-18 13:36:51.032 debugdescMap:[raw:82D10100060A00001001, dni:82D1, endpoint:01, cluster:0006, size:0A, attrId:0000, encoding:10, command:01, value:01, clusterInt:6, attrInt:0]
dev:1672020-02-18 13:36:49.791 infoPlant Stand is on
dev:1672020-02-18 13:36:49.783 debugdescMap:[raw:82D10100060A00001001, dni:82D1, endpoint:01, cluster:0006, size:0A, attrId:0000, encoding:10, command:01, value:01, clusterInt:6, attrInt:0]
dev:1672020-02-18 13:36:48.834 warnconfigure...
dev:1672020-02-18 13:36:45.394 warndescription logging is: true
dev:1672020-02-18 13:36:45.392 warndebug logging is: true
dev:1672020-02-18 13:36:45.391 warnpower reporting is: true
dev:1672020-02-18 13:36:45.387 infoupdated...

I hope the included details are helpful in solving an issue which appears to trouble numerous users.