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I bought a 4K projector that can be turned on/off from browser with private IP address like

I am requesting your advice whether I can turn the projector with virtual switch in HE through some kind of JSON script or java? Please comment.


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We would need a little more info on what has to be done in order to turn the projector on. Have you turned it on via your browser for example? Do you know what the URL you have to use to turn it on is?

Barring that, what brand is the projector? Model number might also be helpful.

This may help...

Thanks Ryan for your kind attention to my request. The model is Optoma UHD65. The browser link is local IP address and I can turn on off from the button in the web browser.

Many thanks for the useful information

Newer Optoma projector support multiple LAN control method, including PJLink and RS232 over Telnet... So you could use HTTP commands to control the projector or you could create a driver to control and get status of the projector.

Thanks Cybrmage. Is there any guide on how to utilise HTTP?

No. The HTTP interface is intended to be used from a browser in order to setup and configure the projector. As such, the only documentation is the setup instructions in the users manual.

The other methods are intended for control and monitoring and are documented...

The RS232 commands are published in the user manual of various models and is readily available (RS232 over telnet uses the same protocol) including from the Optoma site, HERE (PDF)...

PJLink is an established standard and is documented on the JBMIA site, HERE (PDF)

The devices also support Crestron (undocumented - must be Creston Authorized to get specs), Extron (specs not readily available) and AMX protocols (AMX discovery protocol is documented, specifications are not readily available). These interfaces are designed to support higher priced "professional" systems...

Thanks. Now I got enough information to start with. I will update you as soon I have. Thanks again

Strangely enough... While browsing the forum today... I came across a link to a github repository in a totally unrelated topic... and lo and behold... The repository has a HE driver for the Optoma UHD51...

Since the entire UHD line use the same RS232 over Telnet protocol, that driver should give you the control and monitoring that you desire...

The repo, which belongs to @codahq, is HERE. And there is a thread for it HERE.

Hi, thanks for finding and linking my driver. I hope somebody can find it useful. I had a feeling it would be compatible with many other Optoma projects but I only have one to test on. If you find it works for you I will genericize the driver and the community thread to show it is more useful than just a single projector.

Also, I have literally only one requirement myself (which is to turn the projector on and off) but if you have additional requirements I might add them to the driver if they seem reasonable.

Thanks cybrmage for your kind attention to my request and for remembering my issue. Many thanks. I will try this driver and update you this weekend.

Thank you codahq for your contribution. I will test the driver with my UHD65 this weekend and update you. Thanks again

Good Morning.
Codahq: I have tried the driver for my Optoma UHD65. Its worked well other than turning on. I can turn it OFF while it is running but can not turn on while it is in OFF. I have setup the project in active power mode. Any suggestion? Thanks for the driver. Regards

Hi, @tfort2. If possible when you reply to me please @ me. Some people don't like it but I prefer it so that I know it's something I need to look at.

Can you turn on all the logging in the driver?

Power down the projector. After that power cycle the Hubitat hub. After the hub fully restarts attempt to turn the projector on again from the projector's device page. Then filter the logs for just the projector and either PM me with them or examine them to make sure there is anything in them you don't want to share publicly and post them here.

I have a feeling there may be something else you need to do to the UHD65 to get it to accept commands when asleep but the log should tell us a little more.

@codahq Is there a new link for your repo? The links here in the forums are broken. TIA!

The repo is no longer available. I don't distribute my drivers anymore.

Bummer! :frowning:

Hi - New Hubitat user here. I had a need (really a want) to move off logitech harmony and fully on hubitat so I wrote this very basic driver to turn on / off my optoma projector. Hopefully it's useful for someone else. Feel free to contribute if you have a need or notice any issues. I'm very new to hubitat + drivers so any input is very welcome.


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Many thanks. Excellent news

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