-Power Failure Recovery - Tasmota - Zigbee

I bought several Zigbee plugs to replace some Tasmota flashed esp8266 plugs.
I bought the Zigbee because they offered a 15A max load opposed to a 10A esp8266 load plug.
The first problem I found with the Zigbee was the if the state was ON and the device experienced a power failure when the power was restored the power of the plug was off.
On the Tasmota devices the upon power resumption the it's on.
I checked the log for the Zigbee device and after the power is restored it shows that device is off.
How do I deal with power failures and the ON state of a device?

Power failure recovery mode is included in the Zigbee standard, hopefully your plugs implement it. Also, I am not aware of any in-built Zigbee driver that offers control for this feature (I might be wrong though).

What you could try:

  • Install this custom driver (IKEA Tradfri Control Outlet (E1603))

  • Assign it to your plug (this is temporary)

  • Use the "Power On behaviour" drop-down to choose what you want to happen when power is restored:

  • Click "Save Preferences" (this will write the settings on your plug device)

  • Switch back to your driver of choice (you can now delete the IKEA driver from your Hub)

Note: This won't work if your plugs do not implement the Zigbee standard regarding the power failure recover.

Good luck!

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If that does not work, or as a backup you could get a device that allows you to determine when power goes out and is restored. Once power is restored you could give a slight delay and then turn those devices ON with a rule, if they are plugs you normally always have on.

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You can configure your devices on Tasmota very easily, depending on what you intend them to do.

You just have to write this command on the Console, with the appropriate parameter, and it will keep that configuration.

Aniways, if you already have your Zigbee plugs, as you state, you can use the Tuya Zigbee Metering Plug driver from @KKossev.

It has the options that you need.

on this link:


Tasmota I have no issues with. As a matter of fact I like the infinite configurations.
I see below you posted how I can set up the Zigbee plug.

Thanks! I need to download the drive an give it a go.

I set Power On State to "last State".
I will not save reverts back to "Select"


Yes, that is how device commands work, when the page is loaded it put its on the first entry.
You just have to test the device to see if it took.

Tested it .
Device was ON
Simulate Power Fail
Power restored state stayed OFF.
I saw in the log that power polling is not supported.
I set the polling to 20 sec.
Its polling the device.
Not sure if this will work on this plug.

One thing I have learned is that with Zigbee plugs you are pretty much only guaranteed that it will turn on and off. Anything else that actually follows the standards and works correctly is a bonus.

I tried the IKEA Tradfri Control Outlet (E1603) and the Power On behaviour option isn't available.
I got a feeling that there may be a way to make it work but I have no idea what driver or setting will work.

The Third Reality plugs have configurable power restore settings when using the community driver.

IF The Third Reality plugs have configurable power restore setting I cant make them work.
These are ThirdReality Model No. 3RSP019BZ
Guess they are going back to Amazon. The hunt goes on. Looking for minimum 15A Tasmota or Zigbee or Zwave plugs.
If they are esp8266 based I can open them up and flash them.

Now that we know they are Third Reality, did you try this specific driver: New: Third Reality Power monitoring plug - #60 by jonathanb


I got it working with the ThirdEeality Power Monitoring driver. Although I see a problem My test shows the relay flashes the turns on. Probably going with Sonoff 31's

The 3RSP019BZ does not support power monitoring, so that driver may not work correctly with them.

I have a fair amount of the 3RSP019BZ devices, and they simply use the generic zigbee outlet driver.

The driver partially worked. At least it restored the ON state after a PF. Problem is that I was using it for small refrigeration/AC compressor loads. They particularly dont like quick on/off/on cycles. I have only one other Zigbee device in the house (Dimmer) and I was hoping to get more of them taking advantage mesh networking technology.
But the esp8266 devices offer so many configuration combinations and connection options they are hard to get away from. For me I like the ability of the device to return to the previous state after restoreal of power. A truly Smart House should have the ability to deal with stuff like PF's and devices not changing state when told to by either being polled or reporting there state to the hub/controller.

You need to look for plugs that are appliance rated, not just max amps. I'd suggest the Zooz ZEN15 Z-Wave plugs. I've used them for years and they work well. They have the power restore features that you are looking for.

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Yeah ZEN15 is the go-to for appliances. Has lots of config options all exposed by my custom driver.