Possible slow down problem with

Done before. Makes no difference. My free memory still degrades over time and anything below around 220k means rules slow down. I reboot automatically around that level.

Reboot rule:

Hub params over time (the green trace clearly shows the memory degradation, then the reboot along with the temporary spike drop in database size):

Definitely hope support can help me figure out what’s going on!

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Only did a soft as to make sure a clean slate for support. Do a housekeeping reboot every 2 weeks at the moment. Might pause it and see what happens a 220000

Try a double reboot 5 min appart, it tends to claim back more memory for some reason

I was doing a weekly reboot, but I've just replaced it with a low memory rule instead to see how that goes (I have Hub Info polling every 5mins) instead. When I wrote the rule my memory actually dropped below 200kb free and it rebooted on me as I'd forgotten to add a delay. So now if the free memory has recovered after ~10 mins, it wont reboot.

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I wonder how often the app polls for the memory info. I don't think the delay 12 keeps it from triggering constantly. A periodic check might be better than changed.

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I assume it uses the configured polling time - in my case 5 mins.

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Poll frequency is configurable by the user. I personally have it set at 10min, and only do something if it falls below my alert level

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I've turned on debug logging and it does appear to respect the configured polling interval.

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I decided I was happy with this approach and decided to make the rule a bit more sophisticated:

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The 12 second delay is not to stop it constantly retriggering. Once it’s rebooted the hub free memory goes back up to around 500k again and then steadily comes down again in a few days (around a week or so typically). So it’s a smooth cycle that seems to repeat over several days. The delay is just to give me time to get in and cancel it if there ever was a persistent issue and the hub got its knickers twisted.

I got it after the 5 minute interval was mentioned. I do something similar on my not present rules.

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600 seconds for me.

I’m using 12 minutes, not 12 seconds. My polling interval is 5 minutes so that way it has 3 data points to work from.

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? Not sure I understand. The reference to 12 seconds is the delay in my rule (posted above) between the hub info driver reporting the free memory is less than 200k and the hub rebooting. It’s simply a short buffer prior to rebooting in case anything’s got itself into a loop and I want to interrupt it.

Sorry, the context looked like you were discussing my rule which I’d posted today.

Or asking the Support Channel of the manufacturer to build in a preemptive solution/watchdog for the problem...or otherwise affect a permanent fix.

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@dJOS ,
I’m new to this so please forgive me if I am missing something. I have been looking at penning a similar (to your “more sophisticated”) Rule to auto Reboot with low free memory.
According to your If-Then-Else logic, why would you need your IF condition (freeMemory is >200000) since according to your Trigger, your rule would only run if your freeMemory is <=200000 anyway? Am I missing something here? Thanks for any explanation that would help me write my own rule.

Howdy, I've tweaked it a bit more since the above post as it was slightly flawed - here's the current version:

Basically here's how it works:

1/ setup Hub Info to poll every 5 mins

2/ Create Rule with the Trigger as shown:

3/ Setup Rule actions:

IF (Hub Information freeMemory(340272) > 250000.0(T) [TRUE]) THEN
	Cancel Timed Actions: **This Rule**
	Exit Rule
ELSE-IF (Hub Information freeMemory(340272) <= 250000.0(F) [FALSE]) THEN
	reboot() on Hubitat Controller --> delayed: 0:12:00(cancelable)
	Notify Derek's iPhone - HE, Email Notifier: 'Low memory detected, Rebooting Primary Hub'


Basically what the logic does is every 5 mins the rule will run when triggered by the freeMemory variable being updated.

The first check is "is freeMemory more than 250k, if yes cancel any timers and exit the rule. Most of the time there won't be a timer to cancel. However, if the previous 5 min poll found less than 250k it will have started the timer to reboot, this will be cancelled now that freeMemory is back above 250k.

The second check (from ELSE-IF) check to see if freeMemory is less than 250k, if it is it starts a delayed (by 12 mins), cancellable action (reboot hub via Hub Controller). if the timer expires and freeMemory is still below 250k, it'll send the reboot command to Hub Controller and notify me via a push message to my phone.

Most of the actions use the "custom action" function (reboot uses the "actuator" device type).

I hope that makes sense?

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Curious, where is the reboot command; don't see in RM under custom commad.

It's a custom action using the "actuator" device type.

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