Possible slow down problem with

Ever since upgrading to, my main C7 has been getting progressively slower over only a couple of days, to the point where HE apps like Motion Lighting, RM etc simply stop running tasks (eg sunset triggers) or responding to motion sensors and turning lights on.

I've just done a backup and restore to see if that solves the issue, but it got to the point where I was rebooting it daily. Other than the automations failing to trigger, the UI remained responsive and there was no unusual load from apps/devices etc in the logs.

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It could be a couple of things. A third party app, database corruption, maybe ghosts in your z-wave table. etc. Unlikely the update caused it but may have exposed it. I would start by cleaning your database of possible corruption

Go to settings))backup and restore. Click download button at bottom and save to pc. Goto yourhubip:8081 and do a soft reset. When it reboots restore the database you saved to your pc.

If it continues. Next check your stats and see what's chewing up stuff the most.

Post a copy of your z-wave details page.

We can do more from there

I’ve checked everything and there’s nothing abnormal. I haven’t made any significant changes in several months

I would do the database backup and softreset/restore then... Like I said though, post your z-wave details page...and your appstats page (under logs)

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No worries, I’ll try that tomorrow (it’s bed time here in Melbourne).

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Until you think of this as you're going to sleep and it drives you nuts enough to work on it through the night ruining your work day with sleepiness.... :rofl:


It wouldn’t be the first time! :rofl:


I was experiencing a similar issue where my C7 was freezing up after some time and wouldn't run any more RM rules or pull up the web interface. I would have to reboot the hub by unplugging it and waiting 10 seconds and then plugging it back in. This all started after the last firmware update for me, but I am still tweaking things, so I cant say for sure that is why. A few days ago I did the soft reset and restore as described above and the network has been running stable since. Definitely worth trying.

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By unplugging and plugging back in, that likely caused corruption in your database due to dirty shutdown.

You probably already know this, but for those that don’t: Unfortunately abrupt power failure can cause database corruption, something I wish I new almost 3 years ago when I started using Hubitat. I would frequently pull the power as I was moving the Hub around the house finding the best place for it. I couldn’t figure out why my automations were slower than with SmartThings, since most of my SmartThings devices were using user drivers (cloud based). A soft reset and restore finally fixed it, but it was months later when I finally had read enough here to understand what was going on and how to fix it.
Everything works great now, but it was a steep learning curve in the beginning.


Thanks. Yes, I am aware. Unfortunately, I didn't have a choice in my situation - the hub was completely unresponsive and I couldn't go into the web interface to shut it down gracefully. My main point in raising it here is that I had the problem with lockups and slowdowns before I had to unplug the hub and I was just trying to reenforce that a soft reset my help the original poster. it worked for me - and I might have had more issues becasue I had to unplug a couple of times.


So nothing in the upgrade cycle has addressed a database cleanup assuming possible past transgressions?

I'm sure I might have done a few of these hard pulls early on (pre-UPS) by virtue of moving at least one of my HEs at/a time & place I did not have a laptop to shut it down.

What's the means to evaluate that you have a "less than pristine" (un-corrupt) database?

Not that I am noticing any probs, but...might they arise the longer I build on some level of early corruption?

For the end user? Slowness and oddities out of nowhere. Other than that knowing the system inside and out like @gopher.ny and knowing what to look for in the service logs. Also dirty shutdowns are bound to mess up a database.

Presumably this is more consequential when you actually have something IN the database vs early on when you are trying to position the hub.

And here's me thinkin, "gee, that would have been slick to have put a power button on the side of these that actually took it down gracefully". I'd hate to think what % of folks buying these did not worry about unplugging them initially.

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Done, I'll see how this goes.

I've only got 33 Z-wave devices (and 23 ZigBee) and they are all behaving, aside from a couple of odd routes that make no sense to me. I do have some nice antennas coming and will be upgrading my main hub with external Z-Wave and ZigBee antennas in a few days.

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I always check for ghosts...

I'm not that paranoid. :wink:

Seriously tho, that's an issue I've never had on HE.

I noticed some issues with my Hubitat a few days ago--where stuff just wasn't working right (WAY slow, etc). But, it wasn't so bad that I couldn't reboot my 2 hubs.

I rebooted them and things started working just fine (it had been quite some time--weeks I think--since the last reboot, so I suspected maybe something slowly gunked things up. Not ideal, but it took long enough to not be the end of the world either).

I just realised that I had to downgrade from (pro to the release of .124) and I wonder if that version caused some DB corruption that took a while to manifest.

My hub looses its free memory all the time until eventually it reboots from a rule that monitors that parameter using the excellent Hub Monitor device. I’ve found when it gets to around 200k everything starts slowing down horribly. There is clearly a memory leak issue with this hub.

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