Possible slow down problem with

There appears to be a memory leak with the apps YOU have on YOUR hub. Not all hubs experience this, including all 5 of my hubs.


What in built apps do you use?

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Not all hubs are created equal. If you are using the C-4 model, we know that model is less than perfect. It was the first hub we released, and later hubs have been improved based on what we learned from the C4. If you are using later models, the C5 may have hidden problems related to Z-Wave network; that's why the C-7 model has an upgraded Z-Wave chip and firmware.

As always, if you suspect that your hub somehow has a memory leak, we would be glad to further investigate. Send us an email to support@hubitat.com; there is nothing our platform engineers love more than putting a lid on leaks. :wink:


This is my C-7 and C-5. They've both not been rebooted since the last platform update from about a fortnight ago.

Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 12.39.34 Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 12.39.47

The freeMemory hasn't budged substantially in a week.


Mine is about 2 weeks, not much in the way of DB size and I have a lot of 3rd party apps installed and running.

  • dbSize : 37
  • firmwareVersionString :
  • formattedUptime : 16d,21h,3m,25s
  • freeMemory : 220920
  • hardwareID : 000D
  • html :

| --- | --- |
|Version|C-7 /|
|IP Addr|192.168.2.xxx|
|Free Mem|220920 KB|
|DB Size|37 MB|
|Last Restart|2021-12-28 16:54:01|
|ZB Channel|0x14 (20)|
|ZW Radio/SDK|7.14 / 7.15|

  • hubModel : C-7
  • hubUpdateStatus : NO_UPDATE_AVAILABLE
  • hubUpdateVersion :
  • hubVersion :
  • id : 1
  • lastHubRestart : 1640728441068
  • lastHubRestartFormatted : 2021-12-28 16:54:01
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I'd also look at your logs

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Rick and Ashok and I are all about the same here. This is the C7

*dbSize : 31
*firmwareVersionString :
*formattedUptime : 16d,23h,59m,37s
*freeMemory : 220536
*hardwareID : 000D

[Version] C-7 /
[Free Mem ] 220768 KB
[DB Size] 36 MB
[Max Evt/State Days] 14 / 14
[Last Restart ] 2021-12-28 18:04:06
[Uptime] 16d,23h,59m,37s
[Temperature] 107.6 °F

My C5 (not shown) has fewer devices, so the stats are a tiny bit better regarding database size and free memory, but it is very similar to all these examples. Uptime for it is also nearly 17 days.


My c7

I seem to notice heavy memory leaks when I'm in the hub making a lot of rule changes.

What apps do you have installed?

I see the leak when working a lot in rule machine. That & basic rules are where I do most everything anymore. The other apps have been pretty static for about a year now. If I do a lot of changes, I will usually just reboot when I'm done. It's not a big deal. I do have a rule monitoring free memory. If it gets below 200k, I'll force a reboot and send a message on pushover letting me know that a reboot was required.

Here is what I have installed. Follow Me & TTS Queuing are recent additions. Trying a few things out with my Google ddevices. I don't know if either of these will cause free memory to decrease on my hub.

When was the last time you did a backup, save to pc, soft reset, restore from PC file?

Not that long ago. I was chasing a motion lighting issue. I ended up just deleting motion lighting and rebuilding the rules. That seemed to finally cure that problem. Memory leaks are something that I've noticed from day one on HE. I used to have to reboot on a schedule. Not anymore. Reboots are something I actually expect to have to do. Very few devices don't require a reboot at some point. My Android phone and tablet once a week. I do my router nightly. Occasionally the wifi will lock up but since nighty reboots, no more lockups on the router. Reboots are built into the operating systems. Used to have to reboot windows machines quite often. I don't know if Windows still needs reboots anymore since I switched to Linux years ago now.

In fact, considering all of the devices I have (had) the hub probably requires less reboots. The only device I can think of that required less was my V1 SmartThings hub but let's be honest, that hub didn't really do anything in regards to processing.

Honestly I hardly ever reboot my hub except for updates. My router hasn't been rebooted in 6 mos and last time only for an OS update. Same with my AP's. Honestly don't reboot windows or linux stuff either. If I were doing that that often I'd be wondering why and tracking it down to eliminate it. Reboots = disruption and I don't like disruption.


Nobody likes disruption. That's why everything is on a schedule. The only manual reboots I do are updates and after rule creation. All of the others happen when I'm either away or asleep. I don't even notice them.

I guess what I mean is that I'd rather track down what was causing the memory leak and eliminate it

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I would too but there isn't anything that I'm using that I'm willing to give up so, tracking it down, to me, is a waste of the finite time I have available to explore my interests. As I said above, when I'm not messing around with a lot of rules in RM, I can go a long time without rebooting the hub so, actually, I guess have identified it, kind of.

Anyway, everyone has their own tolerances for certain things and mine is really high for needed reboots. Especially if they are automated. :grinning: Other things, like motion sensors that don't activate until I'm half way across the room, tolerance is really low. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Done @bobbyD you have mail. The hub’s a C5.
I’m happy for everyone commenting on how their memory doesn’t degrade over time. Good for you :wink:

I'm in same boat, sent email the day @bobbyD offerd, done a soft and a reboot to ensure a clean slate.

I can see the free memory drop on all 3 of my hubs (C3, C5 and C7) after a reboot but it does then flatten out and reaches a point where it remains pretty constant.
Having said that I still reboot once a week just because...................I can. :wink:

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