Possible bug with the Lutron App

I've started playing with pico remotes through the Lutron app. I added several and then removed them and then added another one. Normally the list adds another entry after the previous one is completed:

When I was removing the picos, I was just deleting the information out of the fields and then selecting done. After I removed 5 picos, and selected done, everything seemed to work fine. I then added a new one and I ended up with two blank Device Entries at the end of the form. I couldn't get the new pico to work (through the button app) and the live logging section kept referring to a "null" entry or value. I didn't save any screen shots since I didn't get what was going on.

I deleted the Lutron app and added and all my lights again (PITA)! I also added the pico and it worked nicely through the button app. I didn't receive any null errors in the live logging either.

Is there an official process for removing devices from the Lutron App?

Whenever you remove devices from the Lutron app, you have to do it from the back of the list, otherwise it’s going to get messed up.

That’s a pain. There is an alternate way to setup Lutron using a list of devices. This is easier, as you can just edit the list to make changes.

When you say from the back of the list, do you mean the top or bottom? I was entering and removing devices from the bottom.

From the bottom. But, use that other method. You can switch without having to delete your devices. As long as your device names, types and id numbers stay the same, it should be all good. That will make editing your devices much easier.

Thank you for that. I’m starting to play more with the picos I am trying to figure out the way Lutron works the buttons so I can simulate it with RM.

This is really addicting.

This issue has been fixed. See this post: