Pool setup?

We’re planning and pricing out a smallish pool for our yard,

Anyone have a setup that is fully integrated with Hubitat?

Some things that we’d like to have:

  • RGB lighting
  • pumps/filters/cleaning
  • heating (either solar water, electric, or gas as a last resort)
  • possibly some kind of water feature bubblers/jets etc.

It’s not far from the house but all our outdoor lighting will be Hue so their will be a lot of zigbee devices in the yard already.

I'm not using rgb lighting. Just some white x-mas lights around the deck and one of these in the pool return.

More info in the link below. My pool heater is natural gas BTW.

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I bought these:

10pcs Multi-color RGB 1W LED Deck... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B016BOVRVY?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

And I’ve spliced out the Magic Home controller for a GLEDOPTO LED controller connected to Phillips Hue.

It’s hard to find something similar without getting a little hacky.

They’re mounted on the top rails of my above ground shinning in.

Nice, but I want something that can actually go underwater as well.

These say they can be immersed but I wouldn't trust them.
Water is a cruel mistress, I wouldn't expect to submerge anything and expect it to live more than a few months even if it says it's waterproof.
Unless it's extremely expensive and designed by Elon.

Ip67 rating is only for temporary shallow immersion.

I got these...

#Aliexpress THB 1,747.07 | Swimming Pool LED Lights 18W 25W 36W Resin Filled Flat Wall Mounted Projector RGB AC12V IP 68 Waterproof Warm Cool White

They are excellent. It's really important to get lamps that are resin filled otherwise they will leak and get ruined. These come with a nice little remote (1 per lamp, but 1 unit will drive multiple lamps as long as you are not too far away from all the devices). I haven't rigged them up with a smart controller. I just use a smart switch to activate them on/off. I'm really pleased with them.

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Look nice, seems like they are like many other pool lights where the color controls are baked in, rather than allowing you to choose specific colors or scenes with fine grain color control (like Hue) It seems like the pool industry is pretty far behind everything else. I wonder why no one has a system like those for LED strip lights where there is a separate Controller/Driver not embedded in the light itself, that could be located above water.

Yes, they have preset colors and combinations/sequences. I did consider getting others and setting up controllers (there are articles online I found) but in the end it was too much hassle and I have limited space in the junction boxes above the lamps to house the controllers and run the necessary wires. Happy enough anyway :grinning:

The bulb burned out in my AquaLuminator light last season. I took the bulb housing apart and replaced the halogen bulb with an led bulb. It takes a MR16 bulb. I thought about replacing it with something like this

But I didn't think it was going to be nearly bright enough.

Personally I like just the bright white light in the pool. I had the different colored lenses for the light but didn't like the way they looked and we never really used them.

As far as a setup that's fully integrated with hubitat, I don't think that really exists.

I know Hayward has their omnilogic system that can control lighting, pump speed, temps, valves, water features, chemical balancing, salt systems....basically everything you're looking for. They do have an api as well so in theory it could be made to integrate with home automation platforms. The downside is, they require you to sign an NDA for the api details. There's a small group on HA working on an integration for it, and Hayward seems to be OK with releasing the integration when it's ready as long as they don't share the api.

Not sure if there'd be enough interest for the same thing to happen with HE, but I'm sure there's a number of pool owners here in the community and most likely have at least 1 piece of hayward equipment so it's possible.

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I installed a Jandy Aqualink RS system connected to all of my equipment. Gave me discrete control via many forms of user interface. I then installed/integrated a Raspberry PI with AqualinkD and MQTT service, to provide external control to that Jandy system. In Hubitat, I use an MQTT client to integrate to the RPi MQTT service, for Hubitat integration and control. Its working pretty much rock solid.

I would love to use my OmniLogic with my Hubitat. The functions on OmniLogic are very very basic. Need more control. Anxiously waiting to hear if something is working already.

Bump. Any word here on a Hayward Device Handler? I had something functional on the old ST, but it failed with the transition to new ST and that drove my transition to HE. Would love help transitioning my ST DH to HE or another solution. I just am not personally capable.

They've got it running now on home assistant. It will be integrated into the main build when testing is over. It works with OmniLogic and the OmniHub (OmniVS pumps)

Someone may be able to reverse engineer this into groovy, or worst case use HA to publish to MQTT and bring it into HE that way.

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Thanks for the link and the update! Sure would be cool if someone did as the old ST one I customized doesn't work in any which form or fashion and even after reading the pages on converting DHs, I'm not sure which way is up.

I had a working device handler from smartthings that I dug up and started to port. It is functional using HEXIP:HEXPORT for the network address of the Hayward AQ-CO-HOMENET home your home network. The child devices create and delete on demans. The parent device attributes populate when refreshing, but the child devices do not properly communicate on/off with the parent device. Sharing as a WIP and troubleshooting as I can. If anyone has time to get the child devices working, that would be awesome.

Lines 523++ :slight_smile:

def componentOn(device) {
    log.debug "Executing On ${device}"
    def num = ""
    switch (x) {
        case Lights:

But "x" doesn't exist... I think you want "device" so:

def componentOn(device) {
    log.debug "Executing On ${device}"
    def num = ""
    switch ($device) {
        case Lights:


Maps work better than switch/case, I think...

at the Top of your parent code add:

import groovy.transform.Field
@Field static commandsMap = [Lights:"09", Heater:"13", Blower:"0A", Spa:"07", Filter:"08"]

Then both componentOn and componentOff can become:

def componentOn(device) {
    log.debug "Executing $device On"
    num = commandsMap."$device" ?: "default"
    log.debug "num: $num"
   return postKey("WNewSt.htm", num);

def componentOff(device) {
    log.debug "Executing $device Off"
    num = commandsMap."$device" ?: "default"
    log.debug "num: $num"
   return postKey("WNewSt.htm", "${num}");


dev:351 2020-10-31 03:06:36.113 pm warn Can't figure out ip and port for device: 351
dev:351 2020-10-31 03:06:36.110 pm debug KeyId:09
dev:351 2020-10-31 03:06:36.107 pm debug /WNewSt.htm
dev:351 2020-10-31 03:06:36.104 pm debug num: 09
dev:351 2020-10-31 03:06:36.101 pm debug Executing Blower On
dev:356 2020-10-31 03:06:15.608 pm debug child On

thanks, @csteele! i integrated those changes and can still only refresh from the components. logs show it tries, and there is no failure, but the command does not make it to the controller. weirdly enough, refreshes do, though.

dev:3672020-11-01 01:18:25.418 pm debugUsing IP: and port: 80 for device: 367

dev:3672020-11-01 01:18:25.415 pm debugKeyId:0A

dev:3672020-11-01 01:18:25.412 pm debug/WNewSt.htm

dev:3672020-11-01 01:18:25.410 pm debugnum: 0A

dev:3672020-11-01 01:18:25.406 pm debugExecuting Blower Off

dev:3672020-11-01 01:18:23.302 pm debugUsing IP: and port: 80 for device: 367

dev:3672020-11-01 01:18:23.299 pm debugKeyId:0A

dev:3672020-11-01 01:18:23.296 pm debug/WNewSt.htm

dev:3672020-11-01 01:18:23.293 pm debugnum: 0A

dev:3672020-11-01 01:18:23.289 pm debugExecuting Blower On

dev:3672020-11-01 01:18:15.817 pm debugEDTDDC333333

dev:3672020-11-01 01:18:15.815 pm debug100%

dev:3672020-11-01 01:18:15.812 pm debugFilter Speed

dev:3672020-11-01 01:18:15.715 pm debugUsing IP: and port: 80 for device: 367

I have a Handy Aqualink and i bought the raspberry pi and rs232 interface but haven't installed yet with there aqualinkD
Really looking for someone who i can send and program that raspberry pi for me!
Any takers....i supply beer:)