Pool Pump Control

What are some using? I’m looking to control my pool pump via Hubitat.

I could just leave the manual switch on and use a z-wave plug, but wondering how some other people are doing it.

I use the Big ge z-wave switch

I know others use the aeotec image

The pool pump as of now is plugged into a standard 15amp 110v plug.It's been running this way for years. It's a very small pool.

Would a standard outdoor GE plug work? Something like this?


Pump Details:

1HP, 115v, 9amp.

Its an interesting question.... The specs say 1/2 HP motor max. So if you are going by the letter of the spec sheet - no.

That said, a 1 HP motor is under the wattage rating of the device, so it would likely work if the inrush isn't too high. If it takes 3x to start it that is ~2200W, if it takes less (like 2x) then you are probably fine.

The issue is that with inductive motors you have no way of knowing what the starting power required is without trying it or measuring it. That's why it is 1/2 HP rated. 1/2 HP is about 375 watts. Assume 5x inrush multiplier and you are at 1875 watts (device is rated at 1800 watts).

I've measured some motors up to 7-8x running rate, and some barely over 1x... Depends on the motor and service.

The "right device" for the job is one of the heavy duty models listed above.

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nope, it doesn't like inductive loads.

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Zooz advertises that their ZEN16 relay is suitable for pool pumps. I don't have a pool, so I cannot vouch for it personally.

True. Just note that it is not a weatherproof device, so it would have to be installed in an enclosure. And only has a temperature rating of 32-104F.

I've been using a zwave Intermatic CA3750 for years and have been happy. You just have to set it to turn on and off throughout the day.
Definitely nothing special about it.

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Thanks for looking this up.

I’m looking at the 40 amp GE unit.

It looks like I would need to cut the plug off and hardwire it to this unit.

Is that correct?

That is correct

Is it possible to control the pump from inside the house? i.e. does the pump line come straight into the house or are there other circuits involved?


I had one one of the Intermatic zwave one and it worked ok but would lose connection if the power went out.

I have since switched to a Zigbee one. I picked it up on EBay for a very good price. I just installed it In the intermatic box. It works with Hubitat and I also tested it and it’s Deconz.


I have the GE unit on my pump. Been using it for a few years now and it works great and its fully weatherproof.

I have the older version though (non zwave) that doesn't report state changes, but the newer versions as above should work perfectly fine.

I'd say a regular 15 A Z-Wave plug would most likely fail here, something more heavy duty is needed here. You could use the R3 terminals (the 20 A relay) on the ZEN16 MultiRelay here though.

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@dbmet, i'm intrigued with that zigbee switch. are you able to monitor the energy usage through hubitat? i would be very interested in how much it costs me to run my pool pump 24/7

I wasn’t able to see the energy usage for some reason when it was paired with hubitat or deconz currently.

I have been considering this: https://www.sinopetech.com/en/product/smart-electrical-load-controller-50-a-zigbee/

Also, I built a diy load controller by putting a GE zwave switch in a waterproof box that controlled a 100 amp contactor and also has a digital load meter. Pretty simple to build but the parts add up to $85 if I remember correctly. You could control whatever size load you want with it.