Pool control

It’s certainly worth a look. Thanks

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Reached out to these guys. Remarkable quick reply. They asked me to confirm the fcc ID and when I did they were able to confirm that it is not compatible.

The Bond Bridge supports devices that are controlled by RF remotes within the radio frequency range of 300-450mhz for RF and IR device that uses 38kHz OOK modulation. However, your remote has 915.3-923.7 MHz frequency which is not supported and will not work with the Bond.

Appreciate the suggestion though.

Well that's too bad! I had also messaged them about a fireplace of ours and they replied saying my remote was in a frequency range that the Bond controller would technically support but that they haven't done much testing in that range yet. I offered to beta test that range when they are ready to build that out and they added my name to a list apparently.

That's good info you posted for others to reference though!

Been getting some great suggestions. I’m convinced that someone has a solution! Cheers.

You are incorrect... But it makes no difference... The PE30065RCT# is a kit that includes an PE300000 80A load center, a PE653RC "multiwave" receiver and a PE953"Multiwave" remote control.

The key components here is the PE653RC receiver and the PE953 remote... The PE953 Remote Control is actually a Z-Wave controller... It could be added to Hubitat as a secondary controller.... BUT, being a specialty device, there are no Hubitat devices that are equivalent.... So you would have to create a custom driver... and that would be a simply horrendous task...

The Jandy iAqualink is a possibility... It is now supported by Home Assistant and apparently uses websockets, so it could possibly be integrated...

There is also a package for the older Aqualink RS controllers, called Aqualinkd, that allows you control from a web UI, MQTT or HTTP calls... and integrates with HomeKit, Alexa and Google... which could possibly be integrated into Hubitat...

If you use the Jandy iAqualink there is a driver for hubitat.

I missed that... Good catch!!

BTW... If the iAqualink add-on is available for your Jandy controller, but is not affordable to you... the Aqualinkd package will work for you (The iAqualink is an add-on to an Aqualink RS compatible controller... The required hardware is under $60USD - Raspberry Pi = $50, USB2RS485 = $7.

A jandy interface would be great as its a simple upgrade to my controller. Perhaps i’ll hold out till someone decides. Make the integration to HE. Thanks. Mac

Can you clarify that please. Mine is a jandy Rs controller. Is the AqualinkD compatible with the RS too?

Thanks @cybrmage
Any chance anyone knows if there is any additional functionality with the IAqualink vs AqualinkD? Awful tempting to save 400 bucks. I seem to recall the upgrade to my RS to IAqualink was somewhere near 500.

iAqualink gives you a nice android/iPhone app, but it relies on the Jandy cloud servers...

the Aqualinkd package gives you direct local control of your system, and gives you the ability to have control remotely if you configure things correctly... AND, if Jandy eventually decides to change things with the iAqualink API, which breaks the iAqualink integration, the Aqualinkd package will not be affected.

Appreciate that.
D it is!

if you have a suggestion on the Raspberry pi to order - im open to suggestions.. Was looking on Amazon and there are too many options for a beginner! After looking at the posts....im moving forward with the AqualinkD vs the iAqualink...no reliance on Jandy needed!

And to be honest...i just want to be able to automatically turn off the 2 HP pump when electricity spikes. Would never get my 500 back in electricity savings but pretty certain the HE interface with the Raspberry Pi will pay for itself when it's less than 100.


My pool pump is very old school as far as the timer goes - it is the rotary wheel with metal clips for on/off inside of a weather sealed container. I see these things for about $25 online, I never saw the need to vary the on/off scheduling I'm doing with the clips, to have it circulate for about 9 hours in a day.
I'm trying to talk my wife into upgrading the pool cover. It is from 2003, and has a remote with OPEN and CLOSE buttons to press to manually maneuver it. It would be nice to have sensors and automation for opening/closing to adjust the temperature on sunny days. Anyone doing this?

I never knew there were motorized pool covers. Sadly I have an odd shaped pool. Not certain I could get something to fit.
Gladly.....I have a pool!

I started to order the parts but couldn't find any reference on how large of an SD card for the raspberry pi. Any thoughts?

SD cards are dirt cheap... But the official maximum supported SD card size is 32GB... So get a 32GB card (or several... Kingston 32GB are $5CDN right now...).

Thanks. There is a kit on Amazon for a Raspberry pi 4, 32g and enclosure for 100.....i'll likely order that one

HI Gavin, what are you using for temperature and water level sensors for your pool?

Unfortunately they don't make the devices anymore. I only have one left.

I use a Fibaro FGK-101. This was a great little device because you could add an external binary switch or temperature probe. It works great. I put it in my skimmer (all in a waterpoof box) and it was sending the temp readings back to my hub.

For waterlevel I was using the same device with a float switch. But that one got ruined so I won't have a water leven sensor this year. But I think there are others that may be able to have an external float switch wired up. I just haven't looked into it.

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