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I have a perfectly functioning pool controller for my pool and hot tub but it’s driving me crazy that’s It’s not connected to my Hubitat platform.
It’s a Jandy system. It has a remote and for 800 bucks I can change he board which will allow me network connectivity which then allows me to connect from my phone. But I don’t want to spend 800 and it’s still not on HE.
Call me nuts for even trying but are there any real options for either zigbee or Zwave control?
Variable Speed DC pool pump
AC single speed water feature pump
AC single speed cleaner booster pump
Salt water chlorinatior
Pool spa heater that of course has some safety features built in for if the pump kicks out.
Pools are fairly common in Texas. I can imagine there would be a decent demand for a self contained solution.
Food for thought. Or rather obsession :slight_smile:

My pool is a simple setup. I have a single speed pump that had a switch on it so I replaced it with an outdoor 240v GE switch for automation. I can ask alexa/siri to turn on off the pump and it also auto turns off when I go to bed. I don't know if the variable speed pump makes it a lot more complicated.

The only other thing I have that is connected into HE is a water temperature sensor and a water level sensor.

I thought about automating my heater some how but then figured it may be a little dangerous to do and I don't really use it much anyways.

I don't really know anything about this but would an option be to use an IR Blaster?

Not a bad thought but it’s an RF remote.
Now on that thought. I wonder if that RF interface can be hi jacked? Hmmmm. That would be awesome.
Just need to set up all the commands from HE to route through an interface that sends the same commands to my pool as my pool remote.
Beyond my capability sadly.

Again, this is beyond my knowledge base. But try posting to this thread. I believe this supports both IR and RF.

@cybrmage Would this be an option?


Internet bites at work. Will have a look at these when I get home. Thanks

The Jandy remote is a 915-923MHz device.

The Broadlink RM Pro series handle either 315MHz or 433MHz (depending on specific models), so would not be able to learn/transmit Jandy remote codes.


Appreciate clearing that up. Was searching for something that might be compatible.
An RF blaster that was capable of learning would be soo much easier than switching out the entire pool control panel.

I’m sure it’s not as simple as I think either. I would imagine there is some type of 2 way comms to and from the PDA and control unit vs a one way command like a TV remote control.
Or is it?
I’m thinking someone comes up with a reasonably priced interface would stand to make some money


The Intermatic PE653 fits the bill. It has Z-Wave and community support here (@keithriley, @JDogg016) and on ST. Unfortunately, it never did have decent support from Intermatic and when the main proponent retired a few years ago, Intermatic support went from nil to zero.

Interesting. Looks like the radio control runs 500. Not sure what the panel costs but is an option. Thanks

Not sure if it's been done before but my plan is to hack up an old goldline remote and wire up zigbee switch modules to close the contacts on the goldline remote's switches.

Not familiar with goldline. You modifying the remote or panel?

It’s a wireless remote control that is made for my pool controller.

Does your controller have a serial interface or something that will let you adjust speeds/functions? I was able to tap into my pump to control speeds, and use the GE 240 outdoor plug to control my heater, as well as tapping into the low voltage LED lighting: hubitat/Arduino-Pool at master · bdwilson/hubitat · GitHub

According to the FCC filings for the remote, it is indeed 2 way...

When I power on my remote it takes about 4 seconds to link up to the controller. I get info back from the control panel on pump status, temp, temperature, etc so agree...must be 2 way.
Interesting. When I emailed intermatic I asked about z wave control and described the pumps, heater...etc of my setup. They replied back that I should use PE30065RCT3 which isn’t Zwave at all.

I can control the pump rpm from the remote.

I wonder if the Bond controller would be able to learn your RF commands for your pool remote. There is an early days integration with HE happening I noticed on another post. Might be worth checking out.

It’s certainly worth a look. Thanks

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