Polled z-wave switches showing "failed: true", won't update status

Have been trying to migrate a Wink 1 hub for over 3 weeks. So far I have moved 100+ devices, but have stopped the migration due to major issues with how Hubitat works with my regular (not plus) Z-wave switches. I have 24 GE 127xx and GE 456xx switches. I am using the Generic Z-Wave switch device driver.

I have setup the Z-wave poller with 7 of the 24 above mentioned switches, but after a short period the following happens (not always with the same switches)

  1. On the device page, the switch will begin showing "failed: true" under State Variables.
  2. I am able to control (on/off) the switch from the device page, but the "Current State" on the device page does not update.
  3. If I use Alexa to turn the switch on/off, it's successful but then it says that the switch is not responding.
  4. Z-wave repair does not seem to fix the situation; the only thing I have found that fixes it is to pull out the air gap on the switch itself.

The same switches under Wink did not have these issues.

The net result is that my dashboard tiles are unreliable because they do not reflect the correct state of switches; also this is causing havoc with rules that should be triggered by on/off state changes on these switches. I just checked the 7 devices being polled and 3 of them are now showing "failed: true". These have "failed" within the past 2 days.

I have placed 4 Z-wave repeaters (Aeotec) throughout the house and I don't have any specific reason to think that range/mesh strength is an issue.

I have tried to get assistance from support but I haven't had a response in nearly 2 weeks. At this point I'm getting pretty frustrated. Hoping that someone in the community has found a resolution. Thanks in advance.

Since you have added a lot of devices, have you run a z-wave repair?

Yes. For the past several days I've added no new devices and ran z-wave repair at least once since then.

What is the exact model of your switches? If the switch is Z-wave plus, you are using the wrong driver and do not need Z-wave poller..

They are not z-wave plus...

What model numbers are they?

GE 12722 and GE 45609/45637. All using the Generic z-wave switch driver. I could not find one specific for these devices...

Bobby, my support ticket for this is 15297

I've got three of these GE non-plus switches left in my house. The problem is that they do not support communicating back to Hubitat. Something about a patent that they didn't want to license. In my case I was using them with another Z-Wave hub (Abode) previously in which they did actually work rather well.

So like you I decided to try running the poller but found even with that it didn't seem to solve the problem completely. additionally I felt that the polar seem to be causing congestion on the Z-Wave network and slowing things down.

The only solution I actually found was replacing the switches with Z-Wave Plus models (GE or otherwise).


I have the same issue with the plug-in dimmers (12719); polling works fine for a week or two, then the device page shows the same 'failed:true' status and from then on Hubitat can control the device but the status on the device page never changes. Apparently rebooting the SoC fixes it, briefly.

Strange that polling these devices on other platforms doesn't reveal this issue.

I think there is something going on in general as I’ve now reported two contact devices that didn’t report their states. The first one was resolved by @mike.maxwell with a hub update and the other is still outstanding.

@greg4 Were those contact sensors z-wave or z-wave plus? How did you clear them?

@Tony Thanks for that information, what is SoC? New to Hubitat and haven’t picked up all the lingo yet. Also I’ve noticed that your GE 12719 and my GE 12722 are both on the official Hubitat device compatibility list, yet these devices aren’t working? Something is seriously wrong here.

@ryley thanks for your reply, this is really starting to bug me ... I based my migration on these switches being on the compatibility list ... I have too many 12722s to start a wholesale swap out now. I hope they can come up with a resolution and soon.

The first issue was with a MIMOlite which is z wave. That was resolved by a hub update. This new problem is with a MIMO2+ which is a z wave plus device.

That's an abbreviation for system on a chip-- for these Z-Wave devices, the 8-bit controller core that runs Z-Wave protocol stack on the switch.