Please add the ability to change tile labels

I know we can do this with CSS but...

  1. its not supported in all browsers and platforms
  2. once you change Dashboard your CSS has to also be changed and
  3. it's a pain in the a$$.

Having the ability to change a tiles label should be one of the core features, not a nice to have.

Thanks, Glenn


+1 from me.

With hundreds of devices, I must label things like “Lamp, Bedroom” which often too many letters to fit cleanly on a dashboard. Naming things like “Bedroom Lamp” solves nothing.

I like the HomeKit approach of removing the room name if it appears at the beginning of the name. Ie “Bedroom Lamp” appears in the room called Bedroom as simply “Lamp”, but anywhere else it’s listed by its full name.



In addition, I would love to know what features improvements are coming on the dashboard in general. Now that Patrick has moved on it seems to be dead from an externally facing feature improvement standpoint.

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I do the same thing, Family Room Light, Family Room Table Lamp, Family Room Floor Lamp, Family Room Ceiling Fan, Master Bedroom Light....

Each needs to have a unique name of you want to use voice control.

At least give us the option to either use the Device Name or the Device Label.

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Then there's the case where a combination device such as a Qubino dual relay and temp probe module are used. I have one installed in my crawlspace to cut the power to my doorbell transformer to work around an intermittent lock up issue with my video doorbell. The module is named "Doorbell Power Relay Module". But I'm also using the temp probe capability to monitor crawlspace temps to automate turning water pipe heat tape on and off. Not surprisingly, my dashboard tile has a label that makes ZERO sense and conveys nothing about its purpose:


This has been asked for sooooo many times it's a bit frustrating that nothing's been done about it.

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Amen. Need more text options. Text options in Dashboards

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I was thinking it... You said it. Someone had to. I hope they have a plan..

I miss actiontiles and I don't want to use ST

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Agreed. Wish I could take the best of Actiontiles and SharpTools and put them together.


Oh I am disappointed we're not able to specify the text. I tried changing the template to Text after specifying the device, thinking it would operate anyway if I tapped it, but then it wouldn't operate as a switch any more.

You can do it via CSS. Change the tile # to the tile you are targeting.

.tile-title::after {
    visibility: visible;
    position: absolute;
    text-align: center;
    left: inherit;
    right: 0;
    bottom: 0;
    white-space: pre-wrap;

#tile-2 .tile-title { visibility  : hidden !important;}

#tile-2 .tile-title:after { content: 'PUT NEW NAME HERE' !important; }

Read the full post by @markus for more details

You can also do this via smartly.

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Ah thanks, that's sorted it :smiley:

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