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I need to create a simple rule to play an MP3 via a Sonos Speaker when a contact sensor is opened. I figured that I would just be able to define a simple URL in the "PlayTrack" field of the Sonos and everything would work, but it doesn't appear to be as simple as I hoped because either the Sonos isn't finding the file or it doesn't feel like playing it. Any thoughts on a simple way to make this happen?

Check out “Message Central” from @Cobra

I was able to get my Google Home Mini to play an MP3 but it seemed as if I had to add the URL then choose the Speech device to make it work. I remember thinking “is this actually gonna work, seems like I’ve tricked it”

I’ve deleted it now because “Mario Jump” freaked the dog out !


I looked at MC, but it seems like I should just be able to assign a url to the PlayTrack field to make it work install of installing yet another app. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong, but I have to think someone else has accomplished this already.

You had no luck with this.... ?

All you have to do is have them accessible publicly. You can do this with a public folder on Github. I think others have done it with Dropbox and google drive although I'm not 100% sure. And git hub is totally free. Just have to get the raw file url and use that in message central. The problem is that the hub doesn't store the file so it has to get it from somewhere, right?

Unfortunately he's not keen on installing Message Central !

I did. See the rest of the thread. You need to get the proper URI.

I figured it out....turns out my problem wasn't the link at all. My MP3 sample size was too low for Sonos to Play. Once I reconverted it to 44.1khz it worked perfectly! Thanks for everyone's help!

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good stuff.

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