Pico 5 Button remote - button 5 doesn't show "Pushed"

I'm setting up the button actions for my 5 button pico remote.

I've checked the device logs for this remote and i can see all of the button actions being logged properly for button 5 -- ie "pushed", "released".

But when I try to set up an action for button 5 in the button controller app, "pushed" is not an option. Only "held" and "released".

The other odd thing is that if I use the "Prefill all button actions for.." option, it will indeed create a "push" action for button 5 but clicking into it gives an invoke error.

What am I doing wrong here?

I would look two places.

In the Hubitat/Lutron integration page (Apps tab) how do you have this device configured? Should be either Pico (Push/Held) or (Pico Push/Released)

In the device page itself, what is the Device Type set to, Pico or Fast Pico?

And lastly, how many buttons is it configured for (button count) on that same device page?

It is set as type "Pico (pushed/held)".

The only other Pico option in the list is "Pico (pushed/released)" I don't see a "Fast Pico" anywhere.

On the device page itself it shows 5 for all states: held, numberOfButtons, pushed, released.

Under the "Preferences", the "Set pico button count" is set to "5 Button" as well

On the device page where the button count is, under "Device Type" right-middle of the page.

Ok. In that drop down it is set to "Lutron Pico" and not "Lutron Fast Pico"

Ok, it sounds like you have it all set right.

Ignore button controller for a moment. Try Rule Machine. It can also act as a button controller.

Click on Trigger, select " Button Device". From there you should get a very similar interface to button controller. Try button 5 there and see what happens. I would ignore the other buttons for a moment.

There are also 3rd party button controllers that I really like better than the built in controller for most purposes. This is one example that I like and use.

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And there is one more way to test, using Simple Automations app, you can select a light bulb or something to automate. Once you pick that, it will ask how you want it triggered. You can select button 5 pushed or held or whatever.

You don't have to keep any of it this way, but lets give Bruce something to go on.

Rule machine worked!

I could set "pushed" on button 5 no problem there. I set up the rule to turn off the lights and just tested it -- works no problem!

That's a little concerning that it works in one place and not the other, and now I feel like I should kill my button controller setup for button 1 now and just do everything in Rule Machine to keep things organized.

Anyway, thanks for the help!

I will take a look at the Advanced Button Controller soon enough.

Advanced Button Controller is much easier to use than even the built in Button Controller, I would give it a shot before you go full Rule Machine.

Meanwhile, @bravenel can you look at this error that @aaronfg is getting with Button Controller? (His first post in this thread).

You can also use Simple Automation for simple rule with button. I have quite a few of them for all my picos.

Installed ABC and you are 100% correct: it's way easier and intuitive to use!

That should be the default UI for button configuration that doesn't need Rules.

Thanks so much for the recommendation. Saved me a ton of headaches!