Phillips Hue Status

Trying to get an idea of the Hue Hub integration and whether it is worth my while to wait or whether it is worth it to wait.

Here are my questions:

  1. I think I read someplace you needed to unpair each bulb from your Hue Hub in order to pair to Hubitat. This means I some of the cooler functionality of the Hub such as labs;

  2. What do you all anticipate Hub integration bringing to Hubitat that would make it worthwhile to wait. For example, I like the idea of setting scenes from within Hue (and can automate using Hue B Fast in ST). What would be phenomenal would be the ability to trigger scenes through RM (and maybe even labs).

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I have 1/3 of my Hue bulbs direct pairing to ST and 2/3 still with my Hue bridge because I like the scenes with Hue apps. I find direct pairing is much more reliable for Dimming and automation.
Also once in a while. The direct paired bulb will drop off the network and sometime you can just delete the bulb in the app and find it again in discovery but other time you will need to reset the bulb. This is not easy if you don’t have a Lutron smart bulb switch.

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Do you mean the Hue Bridge is paired through ST to give you ST control as well as access to scenes? That's what I have, this platform has made me re-think hue integration into the house because if I can have access to the hue bridge locally through Hubitat I can imagine a world where I can run a RM automation that triggers a Hue Scene (or lab) #daretodream

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ST controlling my bulbs but Hue scene is control by the Phillips Hue app. Don't think you can control scene with ST yet. ST has its own scene but limited for Hue color bulbs.
Yeah, I am looking forward to Phillips and Hubitat as well.

Yes, there is a ST app called Hue B Smart which is far superior to the ST Hue integration. It is a pain to setup but essentially creates a momentary button for each of your scenes.

Therefore you can run an automation that will trigger a hue scene. However, I do believe it is cloud dependent which means if the ST Cloud has issues (or as we call it a weekday or weekend) Hue goes with it which stinks because the bridge is local.

In a perfect world, we get the developer of Hue B Smart to port his app over, but I’m hesitant as I am curious to see what the hubitat folk come up with.

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So our Hue integration is almost ready. We will support Hue Groups (basically rooms) as virtual devices along with direct bulb to device integration. You will be able to choose what you want integrated into your Hubitat devices.

However, we will not have scenes for rooms at this point. It may get added at a later date.

As was stated above, scenes in Hue are tricky to set up and complicate things by being tied to groups. We wanted to get groups out first and make sure we have that correct first.

Stay tuned.

Do u need a beta tester?

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We are testing internally and still working out how we can engage users for testing. Lots of stuff in the works.

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A hue dimmer switch also works to reset a hue bulb.


Good to let others know that, as it’s a question I see posted often on other forums. I’m lucky to have Lutron Connected Bulb Remotes. They are able to reset just about ANY Zigbee bulb. I did not have success with resetting a Sengled Element Plus with a Connected Bulb Remote however. Had to use their power on/off steps until I was successful.

Any closer to integrating the hub?

This and nest and I’m fully ported over!

Wish I could give you a better answer, but it is very soon.


Same for Nest… FULL nest support… very soon!


Still no Hue Bridge integration in 703 :persevere:

There was some last minute needed changes to the Hue Integration that have delayed it slightly.


Thanks for the update. Looking forward to 704 or where it lands soon.


Like @SmartHomePrimer I get excited every time I see a new update and immediately scan the change log for the word Hue…Get really disappointed…then realize I’m just being impatient and resume life as usual.


So close!!! Please let this happen!!!

Latest update includes Hue Bridge Integration

Yes! Thank you.