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The c7 to c8 migration worked seamlessly. However, some of the problems that I had with the c7 hub still persist. Mainly, they have to do with the Hue devices--8 light bulbs, and five motion sensors. The lights mostly work, but sometimes they do not do what they are supposed to do. But the main problem are my motion sensors. They are not updating at all. I use them to monitor motions, lux levels, and temperatures and they are simply not updating. When I look at them in the device table, the last time any of them updated was 3/14 when I updated the hub software to the version with the ability to rebuild the zigbee network. I rebuilt the network since a couple of my devices--mainly contact sensors--were not responding. The contact sensors work fine, but the motion sensors--though connected--are not updating.

Might try updating to .113 if you haven't already and then reset the motion sensors and reinclude them.


I updated the hub this morning to the latest version. I have already tried to reset one of the motion sensors and re-acquired it but that is not working. Some of my motions sensors are not exactly easy to get to, so I want to verify a solution works before I bring out my ladder and tools.

I have a Hue outdoor motion sensor that keeps becoming unresponsive. I have updated to 113 and it still is an issue. :frowning:

For what it’s worth about Hue Outdoor Motion Sensors with the C8. I have 2 and when I migrated over from the C7, one of them didn’t work – and it was the important one in my scheme. So I swapped the sensors thinking the working one would continue to work in the more important location – it didn’t; and the one that didn’t work did work in the other location. In other words, it seems that it was the location that was the problem, not the sensor itself. Probably more accurate, it was a particular kind of device sensitive to location with the hub.

I didn’t move the hub or the sensor, but I did what I could for the RF signal - I moved the satellite router I was using for a ethernet connection away (it was almost next to the hub) and started using the hub’s wifi; and also moved the Hue hub away with the satellite router too (still needs that ethernet). My power is at 8, zigbee channel 25, wifi channel 1. It’s been working for about 12 hours so far.

Thank you for your comments. However, it does not apply in my case. My router is on the main floor, and all my hubs--lutron, hue, hubitat--are connected to an ethernet switcher which is connected to my router by a 25 ft ethernet cable. As for my motion sensors, I have five--three outdoor and two indoor. None of them were working after I rebuilt my zigbee network. Further, when I migrated from c7 to c8, all of my motion sensors were working fine once the metwork settled down after the migration.

I have a zoov indoor motion sensor in one of my bedrooms. It has never failed so far. So I am considering migrating to z-wave motion sensors. I am just not sure about the zoov outdoor sensor since its operating range is -4F to 104F. Living where I do, we get temps down to -30F. Could that operating range simply be the limitations of the temperature sensor, or will cold temps actually cause damage to the device? I wonder...

@user1067 you are not alone, 160 posts within this thread:

Should probably merge this thread with this one, seems to be the same issues with the Hue Sensors

Ok. I have been playing around with this for several days now.

I have two indoor motion sensors--working fine.

I have three outdoor motions sensors:

They dropped off the network when I rebuilt the zigbee network. I removed the devices from hubitat. I re-added them to hubitat. They showed up as new devices. When I click on the device, the current state portion of the device detail page shows no content. No battery, motion, temperature, etc. Nothing. I removed the devices from hubitat. I added them to Hue Bridge. Software is up to date. I reset the devices. I deleted them from the Hue bridge. Ire-added them to hubitat. Current states in the devices are either empty, or incomplete. Often they just show battery and temperature and nothing else. While they were paired to the hue bridge, they were working fine, and reporting status on all features.

The device detail page has "Hue Motion Sensor" selected as the device type.

I have done several iterations of the above to no effect.


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