Phillips Hue bridge add to my new arrived Hubitat

Hello, all, and nice to e-meet you :slight_smile:
My name is Nikos, and based in Greece; and received today my new Hubitat.
Set up correctly, and now trying to add my devices.
I have a Phillips hue bridge, and I have connected to it about 20 lamps.
Try to add a device, but nothing is discoverable...What is the correct way to add it without needing to reset everything (if possible) and ruin my Phillips hue app and google setup?


Welcome to the Community!!

If you want to continue to have your Bulbs and accessories connected to you Hue bridge, you need to install the Hue Built-In App in the Apps page of the Hubitat Web interface.

There are also alternatives developed by those in the Community, but perhaps it would be best to start with the built-in app first.

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Thank you very much
I am going to try it

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You definitely do not need to reset everything.

Have you installed the built-in Hue bridge integration app? Once you do that, it should locate your Hue bridge (assuming they are on the same subnet) and auto-populate with available Hue devices. Then you select which ones you want to integrate, and they should appear as HE devices.

One thing I would recommend, though it is not a requirement. Do your Google integration and your automation with HE only, and let HE communicate to the Hue bridge. It's cleaner and in the end will be more manageable.

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Thanks , I did it like this and I can see all my light
Now following questions seems that It recognizes only the light and not the (accessories) motion sensors that are connected.Do I do something wrong ?Or needed another setup?

Pair your motion sensors directly to hubitat, they will work just fine. As you've discovered, the sensors aren't supported in the hue integration.

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This is where you can use one of the Community developed solutions, if you still want your accessories connected to your Hue bridge. You can look at either CocoHie or fhe Advanced Hue integrations.

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