Philips Hue Unreliable light


I have 4 Philips Hue light bulbs connected to my setup, using the Hue Hub. I have 2 C7 hubs, Hue bridge is connected to my main hub, secondary have all other light bulbs.

I noticed they sometimes does not respond to my automation rules. Example - if motion is detected, turn on a light. If no motion is detected for 30 minutes, turn off the light.

They work 90% of the time, but sometimes nothing happens. The motion sensor log says motion detected, the philips hue devices says turned on (in HE) - but the light is off.

Same goes for turning off - log says it turned the light off, but it is still on.

Anyone else experience this?

Hue devices connected to their hub are extremely reliable.

That said what zigbee channels are your hue hub and C7's on? They should be different channels otherwise you will get interference.

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Thanks for replying.

I had the same thought, so i put my Main hub on 20, light hub is on 22 and Philips Hue Hub is on 15.

There is also the possibility that your hue zigbee channel overlaps with your wifi. Perhaps also try changing your hue channel to 25 instead? That way all your zigbee channels are around wifi 11 and have your wifi on 1 or even 6.


I checked the channels with a Wifi analyser tool, and 15 should be clear. Closest channel in use are 9, but i will give it a try, just in case the tool missed something. Thanks. :slight_smile:

No problem :+1:

For 2.4GHz WiFi, it is best to only use WiFi Channels 1, 6, and/or 11 with a 20MHz channel width. This frees up Zigbee channels 15, 20, and 25 for use without conflict.

Note, Zigbee channel 26 is not recommended for use as it is restricted to a lower power.


25 is lower power, as is 26. That said I use 25 and it's okay, but I have like 25 repeaters

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If it's just one of them, bulbs can go faulty. Wasn't sure from your post.

I think i'll steer clear of channels 25 and 26. I only have 4 active bulbs and no repeaters, so distance could be an issue.

My wifi is at channel 6, neighbours at channel 9, so channel 15 and up should be fine. But i had my old Smartthings hub running at channel 19, and i put it offline now. Just did the move to HE last week. :slight_smile:

I've seen the issues on 3 of 4 bulbs so far, one of them within 4 meters of the Hue hub, so i don't think distance is an issue. But perhaps interference.

As mentioned, it works fine 9 of 10 times, so I'll just have to keep an eye out if it acts up again.

I have had one of my Hue bridges on channel 25 for years now without any issues. I briefly had it on 15 (other bridge is on 20) and had issues with unresponsive bulbs (possibly from the neighbors wifi).

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Zigbee and WiFI use different channel designators. Looking at the graph that @ogiewon posted, the WiFi channels are in grey and the ZigBee channels are the smaller colored curves. So WiFi channel 9 would overlap directly with ZigBee channel 20.

So putting WiFi on channels 1, 6, and 11 (at the default 20 mhz channel width) would ensure that ZigBee channels 15,20, and 25 are wide open. Your neighbor's wifi is going to overlap with ZigBee channel 20, but that doesn't really account for your problem since you said your Hue hub is on 25.

When HE shows the errant status for the light, what does the Hue app show?

mine is on 25, the OP said his is on 15, which should be fine. The HE hubs on 20 & 22 may be problematic depending on the strength of the neighbors wifi.

I was not aware that the regular WiFi channels interfered with zigbee channels that far apart.

I see some different networks in the wifi analyzer, so i'll see if i can do some cleaning up and adjust the zigbee channels accordingly.

I will post an update afterwards.

Thanks again for all the replies. Some very good info here :blush::ok_hand:

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I thought this only applies to 26 in the US? I don't think we have the same restrictions here in Australia as I've been using 25 pretty much forever with zero issues.

I'm not sure if it is interference; though, cleaning everything up won't hurt. My suggestions are:

1.) Do you have any issues when using the Hue app or are the bulbs reliable? If they are reliable in the app, then I doubt it is an interference issue.

2.) Which integration are you using to bring Hue into Hubitat? Built-in or one of the two community apps? The built-in app relies on polling to get your Hue bulbs state, so there might be some timing issues with the rules.

3.) Are you using Hue groups or sending the commands to individual bulbs? It is generally recommended to use Hue groups if you are sending out the same message to each bulb.

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Try channel 25, it works magically for Hue bridges. Every time I tried to lower the channel I ran into exact problem you described.

  1. The bulbs seem reliable in the app.
  2. I use the built in app, not the community ones
  3. I'm not using groups. I only use 4 bulbs at the moment, should each bulb have its own group in Hue?

This is my current Wifi situation, after cleaning up:

I realized my own netword (yellow) is on channel 5, and neighbours (blue) is on 10. I cannot change my channel, using TP-Link Deco mesh which apparently automatically chooses the best channel.

I changed my Hue to channel 25, and the Main HE is on 20, the Bulb HE is on 22.

Should i move the Main HE to 19, which should be clear now? And what do you suggest i do with my secondary HE Hub?

Sidenote - after changing Hue to channel 25, i did some testing. It is stable both in the Hue app and in HE. Turned a bulb on/off 10 times with no issues. I wish i did this test before switching channels. :sweat_smile:

This is good info, i've changes my Hue channel to 25 now. :slightly_smiling_face:

The built in app has to poll the Hue bridge for updates. If something on the Hue bridge is controlled outside of HE, the hub won’t know about it until it is polled again. This is one of the reasons why I use CoCoHue. It has the ability to use the eventstream from the Hue bridge and update bulb status immediately without the need to poll the bridge.

That shouldn’t be necessary. I only use Hue groups for multiple devices.

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