Philips Hue smartplug recogniced by HE as Advanced Hue bulb


I reconnected som Philips Hue Smartplugs directly to HE that I previously hade connected to HE through the CoCo Hue app as I wanted to increase teh number of conenctions within the Zigbee network. When I connected the Hue Smartplugs directly to HE I noticed that the connected as an 'Advanced Hue bulb'. I switched the driver to 'Generic Zigbee outlet' and got the plugs to work using this driver.

Should HE recognice the Hue smartplug as belonging to the Generic Zigbee outlet driver on connect instead of connecting as a bulb?


This topic may be relevant for your issue:

I added one to my C-8 a couple of weeks ago and I'm sure it added straight away as Generic Zigbee Outlet. However that was brand new/never previously used so there may be some difference.

Not only that, the OP is the same. :slight_smile:

I don't understand what makes this issue different. Is this a duplicate post? Mike gave you a solution in the other topic (thread). This is an issue with the custom driver given that they match in preference to stock drivers if both have a matching fingerprint for a given device upon pairing.


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