Philips Hue Smart Plug

Has anyone successfully added a Philips Hue smart plug to Hubitat?

I just purchased one (UK plug) and have the following problems when attempting to add it as a new device:

Scenario 1:
I connect the Hue smart plug to Hue bridge first, then I can see the smart plug on Hubitat's Hub Bridge Integration app. However, there is no response when I trying to add this to my Hubitat device list.

Scenario 2:
I tried to unpair the smart plug from the Hue bridge, and pair the Hue smart plug to Hubitat directly. My Hubitat can successfully discover and add the device, however it can't recognize its device type and no "on"/"off" button is available in the device controlling page.

Much appreciated.

Pair it with hubitat and use it as ikea tradfri control outlet.

I'd recommend pairing it directly to Hubitat unless you have a reason to use it on Hue (and you may; it would then be usable in Hue scenes, and can be controlled natively by HomeKit/Siri and Hue accessories as well as Google or Alexa without going through Hubitat). If you do want to use Hue, I can tell you more about a custom Hue Bridge integration I wrote that does support outlets (though right now they'll show up as RGBW bulbs and you can just ignore the extra features--I'll make a pared-down driver later).

On Hubitat, I'd second the advice above but would probably use "Generic Zigbee Outlet" instead. It's not officially supported, but I think a few people have then working. The Trådfri driver has a few features written just for that device that are unlikely to have been implemented on the Hue device, though it's certainly possible Philips/Signify did.

I finally pair the Hue smart plug directly to Hubitat and set device type to "Generic Zigbee Outlet" and it works!

Thanks both of you! Cheers.

I'd really very much prefer to keep my Hue plugs connected to the Hue Bridge, since they are only used for lighting and take part in Hue scenes where I am controlling a light fitting that can only accept non-smart bulbs - and a plain on/off is all that is therefore understood by the light. I'd have been happy to separate them if I was using them on non-lighting appliances that were not part of the overall Hue lighting system. Is there no chance the Hue integration can be updated to include the plugs?

Yes I can of course just go on controlling them from the Hue app, but it would have been nice to only have one dashboard to open to control all the everyday things.

The custom integration, CoCoHue, I mentioned above has been updated since that time to support plugs in a dedicated (not RGBW bulb) fashion. It would certainly be possible for Hubitat to update theirs, but I don't think it's been touched in a long time, so I wouldn't count on it happening soon.


Thanks. Mainly I wanted to explain why it's not a panacea to simply connect the plugs direct to the Hubitat hub. I'll take a look at the other integration :slight_smile:

I've found that when I pair the Hue Plug with my Hue Bridge, I can use Alexa. But when I pair the plug directly to Hubitat, it's not discoverable with Alexa.

Am I wrong in thinking I should be able to pair the plug directly to the Hubitat and still use Alexa? I'd like to be able to use voice commands with Alexa as well as Hubitat automations. TIA!

You should be able to, but I haven't tested this with a Hue plug specifically. Other Zigbee (and Z-Wave, etc.) outlets work fine for me when exposed to Alexa via Hubitat, so I'm not sure why this would be any different. I'm assuming you went into Apps > Amazon Echo Skill and authorized the new device there?

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Welp, I feel sheepish. That was it... The Hue Integration bypassed that step for the other products, so it slipped my mind. Hopefully this question will help some poor sap in the future. :X